Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott opens up about brother's suicide in new interview


Dak Prescott. He's opening up about his brother's suicide and his own battle with depression. Speaking with sports journalists, Graham Benzinger and Prescott says that the pandemic hit him particularly hard All throughout this this quarantine in this all season. I started experiencing emotions I've never felt before. Anxiety for the main one and then honestly, a couple of days before my brother Passed, I would say I started experiencing depression. Now. He says he did not want to work out and could not sleep. Jace Press God, the middle brother of Tad and Dak. Died on April 24th in Orange, Texas. He was 31 years old. Doc says Jace had a lot of burdens and was the main caregiver to his mother, Peggy during her battle with colon cancer before she died in 13 5 2042.

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