Civil Rights Groups Sue New York Mayor De Blasio, NYPD Leaders For 'Deliberately Violent' Response To Protests


Against Mayor de Blasio and NYPD leaders for overseeing a quote deliberately violent response to the protests that broke out after the police killing of George Floyd earlier this year. Conta mists, Jake. Often hearts reports New York Civil Liberties Union and Legal Aid Society say the NYPD violated protesters 1st and 4th amendment rights during this summer's demonstrations. Over multiple nights of protests and wipe the officers deployed batons and pepper spray and charged out participants. Civil rights groups say the violent crackdown was coordinated and endorsed by the mayor and police commissioner, German Shea Tori Spelling is an attorney with the legal aid society. This was not a Matter of a few officers crossing a line but really a systematic approach. Deblasio declined to discuss the lawsuit. A spokesperson for the NYPD says the department is reviewing it. Some New Yorkers have been

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