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Wwl Mario Lopez joining me now on. Zoom. Alexandra daddario welcome to the show. I. Thank you. Thanks for taking the time. Best last name ever real last name, right I can't imagine. Say the Dario what did they call you growing up over the nicknames? The Dario guys call me that. Data Rio data. I love data real permission please. So, today is national. Make A dog's Day. We discussed the other day dogs about ten holidays throughout the year, which is awesome and you know what they deserve to have their day made I. Know you've teamed up with some awesome people to celebrate. So what are you doing? So Subaru is they worked with dogs for over twenty years. They there he were the sec a came up with this great idea. Last year to do super loves pets month in October which encourages people to go out and. Adopt a dog and adopted underdog, which is a special needs dog or dog older that kind of thing. And they have a special day within October October. Twenty seconds today where you can Hashtag make a dog's day and show yourself doing something good for a dog either. Or volunteering or adopting a dog or encouraging others to. And Anchorage everyone to do that? And you know Subaru has really sort of wants to push this this out to make sure that people know that adopting a great thing to do and they're also donating one hundred dollars for being adopted dog. To shelters and that kind of thing and I just encourage everyone to do it because I love my shelter dog leave and you know he's so near and dear to my heart I can't imagine you know I get so sad thinking about him in the shelter and I know everyone who adopts the dog feels the same way we are big dog lovers over here I've got two dogs. Myself One who's got a little physical special need come to find out. But so we love him even more. It's funny because I feel like dogs really know they're getting adopted and you can you they show appreciate it. Could totally tell you can totally tell and they're so grateful. So it is a great feeling. On way run. Shelter dogs are. They definitely, and they're just. I can't tell you how much my dad's brought Malay. So I urge everyone to good for you on a dog go for it. Good for you. Now I see your dogs all over what's the secret to get them to pose for the camera. Tree. We have the same award system. Take care of me that's how we get married but actually. Street right next Hamra. And then you know you get consid-. WON'T LISTEN TO BE ON THE RETREAT MY hands same. I'm on. That program. You got a new movie out on demand a loss girls and love hotels. Cool. Title it. It looks like a thriller. What's it about? Yeah. It's about a girl who goes to Japan and she alost girl she's a little lost in your life and she gets into all kinds of trouble and falls in love and drinks too much. Not kind of thing. It's a really beautiful movie. We shot it in Tokyo and Gorgeous. So Warm. Very cool for sure. Also the voice of Lois Lane for the animated film Man. Of Tomorrow, you're you're super you've been superman. Fan I used to watch lows in park, the Dean Cain, very hatch shell growing up. I Love Superman. I was always wanted to date mems the that now your lowest lane and you're literally doing. Fun. Also in the works, the movie songbird this was one of the only films being made at the height of the pandemic. How'd that go for him? Great is the first job Bach. Is My first time working this year so definitely weird to shoot during this period of time, but they were real everyone's been works a couple projects and. You, know it's very, very strict. Everyone wears maths lot of testing and I'm really really out of. Industry for getting back to the can safely at and And I think it's really cool movie. Shoot. Los Angeles actually shot here in L. A.. Okay. Very. Cool. Very good. Fishing, too. So. What did you catch anything that day? I. Grew back. Through back where we fishing? Sorry where we fishing listening in Long Island sound I was over with them in Connecticut bad. Our knew how to fish and I've never been fishing reports. So I went and fishing for fun. Right I just went to visit I love fish. I mean, it's relaxing for Chilean maybe having a draining. I thought it was boring but it's it's not at all because you're on a boat and it's beautiful. Exactly Fun Yeah it's golf you're hanging out. It's nice. It's pretty. Off But I imagine it's the same legal. Before. Let you go I. WanNa put you on the spot. Quick questions. Quick answers. Okay. Favourite TV or movie dog. The. Golden retriever from home rebounds. K.. Favored. Show you binge during quarantine. Too Hot to handle. Which one is that one? That's the one where they all have to go to an I not allowed cheats. Reality yes. Yes to hot. Okay. What's your? What's your go to Karaoke jam? Bohemian rhapsody. Is a commitment or they're also all time favorite. Halloween costume. How God I'd never I never does not rally. I now I'm always dressed just a wish I mean I, I should. Actually be more than just putting just like. You see I have more fun at Halloween as an adult I. think that I did as a kid getting out the and everything. Yeah I'm all fired up Obama Alpha this year. My. Motto Halloween and I'm just I. Don't know what that's about. Not Halloween Person. I mean I like I like handing out candy. But I've never been someone to like get super just. Daddy Rio. All. Right. Very cool. Congratulations on everything and thank you so much for taking the time to visit with US ON MARCH DOT COM for all the Info about make a day Alex checking-in. Thank

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