Couple seen beating on hood of man’s truck before he was shot, Houston deputies say


CSOs looking looking for for a couple a couple who who shot shot and critically and critically injured injured the driver the driver of the of pickup the pickup truck truck and and what what and and appears appears what what appears appears to to be be a a to to be be case case a a of of case case road road of of road road rage. rage. rage. rage. Witness Witness Witness Witness Gabriella Gabriella Gabriella Gabriella Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez and and her her mother mother and and her her mother mother tell tell our our tell tell TV TV our our TV TV partner partner partner partner Channel Channel Channel Channel to to it it to to all all it it came came all all down down came came about about down down four four about about o'clock o'clock four four o'clock o'clock yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon on on Bamboo Bamboo on on Bamboo Bamboo Road Road Road Road in in northwest in in northwest Harris Harris County. County. Couple Couple jumping jumping from their from card their card beating beating on the hood on the of hood the truck of the truck at an intersection at an intersection before before the man the man took took out a gun out a gun and and shot. shot. The driver The driver was scary. was scary. Yeah, Yeah, so so she she cried, cried, she cried. she cried. It It was just was just a a scary scary experience. experience. The man The man that end that woman end woman fled fled the scene. the scene. The The

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