Pennsylvania high court nixes mail-in ballot challenge


Of losses in court for Republicans and supporters of President Donald Trump grew again. Last night, Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed another lawsuit that tried to invalidate absentee voting. Pennsylvania's highest court is now clear the way to certify that states a result. Last remaining legal challenge to the election results in Pennsylvania was squashed by the state's high court, which dismissed request from a top trump ally in Congress to toss every mail ballot cast in the state. Justices unanimously rolled the representative Mike Kelly, miss the window to challenge the state's 2019 law, allowing no excuse mail in voting. But Sean Parnell, one of the suits, other plaintiffs who lost the congressional bid himself. What did that It's not over, and voters should stay tuned correspondent Jack who'd act five of the seven judges also said the lawsuit just came too late. Absentee voting procedures have been established for over a year. They say that would have been the time to complain. They dismissed the claim with prejudice, which means Republicans cannot file another lawsuit about this same issue in Pennsylvania anyway, this decision will make President elect Joe Biden, the winner of that battleground state by an 80,000 vote margin.

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