Cryptocurrency and Domains: Real Estate in Cyber Space

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Was listening. Talk about domain. That how you view them as as real estate in cyberspace almost as well as a fixed asset like you find correlations. They're not to get to deviated from cutting your story but like when you look at bitcoin you see any parallels domains or about digital scarcity only one person can own the word voice on the dot com network so the dot com is like the main chain dot. Edu a secondary chain dot io or or dot org. These are all secondary change but the dot com was the primary domain chain. Only one person own voice. One person can own strategy or wisdom or mike or michael and early on. I was very obvious to me that if you owned domain that people understood that they could spell that they could type. That was a much better idea than having the company which is hard to spell and hard to type like imagine. Misspelling a word today as the name of your company it used to be marketing. Guys would say misspell the word. So it's unique but if you try to type a misspelled word into your browser. The spell checker corrects it. So you gotta like a won't correct voice won't correct mike and it won't correct strategy but it will correct strategy with two is and so you can't name. Your company's strategy with two is a why because you can't type it into the browser. It was very obvious to me back. Then that only one person could own the word wisdom on the dot com work. I and they were dirt cheap so i thought i mean not. I couldn't buy from nineteen bucks. But i could buy it for one hundred thousand dollars and if you had one hundred thousand dollars lying around you could buy the word wisdom well. How many people know demeans couple of billion how many people have been taught for eighteen years to the meaning of wisdom and how to spell with them. So you're talking about there must be two three four billion people on the planet that actually know how to find you. If you're sitting on the wisdom domain so so that was the idea behind domain scarcity relates to bitcoin because bitcoin is about digital scarcity all crypto so bitcoin is the main chain dominant chain. I mean there's a theory and then there's car donna and there's llosa and everything else that falls off it's not unlike dot com is the dot. Edu is dot io is the dot. Tv walk clearly. You want to be on the main chain if you can and you want to own scarcity and so i got excited about it back then. Here's what i thought like. If you have the word voice for the next thousand years voices going to mean voice in the english language and if there's ten billion human beings to learn how to speak english even if they spread all the way across the stars voice is going to be voice. And what's what's great about a brand well if you name your company or your product that thing and if a billion people can hear it in one second remember it spell it type it find it valuable. I mean that's worth a billion dollars to own tone a fundamental word on the main chain. So that's why. I bought them and held them. And eventually i sold voice for thirty million dollars last year. I didn't want to but it's the highest quality ears right. Yeah i did. It's the highest price. Anybody ever paid for naked domain. And i kind of wanted just to create a comp and the market so people would realize these things are valuable so the next one goes for one hundred million and the next one goes for five hundred million and the next goes for a billion. But you're talking about owning the english language. What's that worth just like. Bitcoin is about owning one. Twenty one millionth of everything. There's ever going to be like what's that worth right. If more than twenty one million millionaires. Everyone can own a bitcoin right. The only issue is is is dot com the main chain and is bitcoin. The main blockchain right. And what makes it the main one. Well at the fact that everybody uses it. What makes it the main one. And so of a billion people go there first and if they end their conditioned goes to google dot com amazon dot com apple dot com facebookcom numbers going to facebook dot tv so so once you get hundreds of billions or trillions of interactions on a main chain it becomes dominant and that becomes a dominant network. And so i got into that.

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