Scientist Jean Deenmamode on CDT testing

Goodbye to Alcohol


I expect is scientists zoll teen mom. Won't he's going to talk to us about the cdt test. When i was drinking the wine every i was vaguely where i was harming myself but because i never saw any proof of that i just have. Don't doing it now if my daughter had done a cdt tests on me and show me the results in black and white. I think that would have shocked me into making a change so this episode is all about explaining water. Cdt test is and how he can get one. I started our conversation by asking. You shown to tell me. But about himself and how he discovered the cdt test. Indeed well hello everybody at all your your listeners. Well i'm saw. I've been living in the uk for the boss forty three years now. It is based in london. And originally i was born in On the island of mauritius which is not too far from south africa answer. I'm matt familiar with a tropical southern hemisphere more so and in fact overrule was assessing this today at thirty two years diagnostic laboratory experience as both a clinical scientist and abide medical scientists. The latter requires more if you like getting once hints deji on the bench and doing the. We're kind of jokes. So i do enjoy that fall. Mole two thousand and eight. Somebody said to me to the test at school cdt. And i had no idea what city was what did did stateful at to me. It's something new that's coming out and we're commercialising it. It's to people who are at risk of chronic alcohol consumption and yet curiously. Why not and what. I was working there would be. People would come into the emergency department at night in the hospital and would have taken but nobody they would be smelling about. Also you could literally spend the or and you would think they'd be venturing or whatever so automatically. The doctors would have to ask for a request for a alcohol to be done. And this is a single time. Point measurement us through Might be and i saw. I render buys those samples. So i had no idea who they were and read these same samples anonymously on that cd on the liza and to my surprise i found out those who were testing negative for having consume alcohol when they were being admitted had this elevated cdt. And i couldn't understand why. And most of those who were drinking. And in fact where i imagine bhai now would be closed as chronic drinkers had both elevated auto an elevated cdt. So it became very mantra curiosity and between two thousand eight twenty ten. I did a lot of Of the swear in that manner. They went many samples private referral laboratories full on behalf of airline. Where taking it interest into this mollica. Because we're just the basic tests at started getting work from these companies. Also and i was invited to present some of my work in the netherlands in amsterdam in twenty twelve december so that was just after the olympics and unbeknownst to me there were representatives of the international federation of clinical chemistry present and this is known as the ifc see. This is the body that if you like it. It's full of international orla clinicians scientists and so on that all the blood test we have done in a laboratory. They approve that so that any tests that you have done that they approved so these people were there as representatives. Ocd the ifc members suggested that i joined the group which at the time they were trying to if you like rationalized how cdt was being done and make it a more recognized test. It was like sort of research. Talk to the time. So i did Issue like express my interest and by twenty fifteen. I ended up becoming a member of this working group and nothing lead. Did i just become a member. But in twenty eight thousand nine. They found myself being the chair of the ifc cdt working group which is an enormous platform personally for me and since then the icco's taken on bullet that a Full front to promote the test. Educate about the of cd

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