Must Have Shrubs With Ken Druse


This time to try to narrow down our list of must have shrubs to the real standouts and tell us why i can margaret. I know you'll never get it to three. It's funny you said that because when we first started talking about it you said one and both of us that we can't pick one. Can we even pick three right So which of your books. We always give copy of what looks only talk on the show at with the transcript of the show. What do you think i mean. Is this one for shade gardeners this one for. What's this one for a cheat garden shade garden would be a good a good one. That's always a huge hit so good good. Good good So we're at you. And i in our lives are at what a another expert friend says is the shrub season of our lives which is sort of rather than crawling around dealing with lots of fussy high maintenance perennials. It's kinda great to have some big fillers like mature shrubs to do a lot of showing off and yet not ask a lot of us. So where do we begin. What's a shroud. i guess. Well a strobe is a multi stemmed plant of woody plant and i guess that's sort of describes a tree would have one trunk one stem herbaceous plants die down to the ground soft tissues and shrub is a woody plant. That is bushy bush. I don't like that word for describing his trip but it's rub can be bushy. Okay okay and we should say before we start naming our desert island trump's that we didn't include khanna first because really that can that's a whole other conversation So many shapes and colors and textures among those so Do you remember your first. Trump been is still there and is it a favourite or it didn't make the list. Well i get. I get to pick three right okay. You want me to tell you. My first well you said conifers. And i'm not going to talk about converse but my one of my favorites shrubs is. Evergreen is a what is called a broad lead evergreen and it's a bucks it's a kind of boxwood. I have too many of them. And it's a box with semper barons. Graham blondie yes and it is one of the most colome ner plants i've ever seen really but It's a shrub and it's minor. There's probably i have some. That are like seven feet tall and fifteen inches. Wanted if you can imagine that. They're they're like punctuation marks. You know they're like exclamation marks in the garden. And as i said. I have too many because when i first got i always wanted them and then a nursery not too far from here a lot of them. Nobody bought them and the price kept going lower and lower and lower. I think i have made. I may have twentieth them when they were eight dollars a piece. Wow that's a lot of exclamations. A long time. I know and i i also keep moving them. I just moved three boy Son they want son you know. I'm sure they would love son. But i have all my box with. I don't have any full sun. But i have some of my boxwoods in quite a bit of shade and they stay calendar. Sometimes i tie them up because the snow might split them a little bit or you know splayed them. They don't break. But i do. I do tai the ones that are floppy up for the winter. And i love it if you says boxwood called graham. Landy columbia okay. I don't actually have any evergreen things at all on my list whether broadleaf or coniferous And i was thinking when we started this conversation today on the phone that my first trump passion was the genus vibe burnham. In back in the day we had a lot of divi burnham's like the double file and so forth that turned out to be kind of invasive and a lot of areas of the country. So i don't grow those anymore. But lately i've been cultivating more and more native ones like the maple leaf a full liam then tatum the arrow would and so forth So that was kind of where my shrub journey began. But the thing. I have the most of you said you have a lot of grand. Blondie is winter. Barry holly speaking of things. And i don't know what came over me. I mean it was the birds that came over me early on here in this rural place having been grown up in the city. You know coming here meeting all the birds and knowing that learning that they liked some of them liked fruit and that the native hollies were one of the ways to fuel the migration in the wintertime. And i planted about forty five or fifty of them in three very large groups in different directions toward the perimeter of the property but in different directions where i can see them from key windows in the house at a distance in the winter and all different varieties and Big ones small ones. I got a lot of fruit and birds a like very much. And yeah so waxwings and robins like in you know hunt flocks at one hundred or whatever at a time will come in right around now november ish and again to pick over at At the first snowfall and so forth and they'll strip them all pretty early on but one trick with winterbourne. Hollies if you want some that will last longer for your visual interest. The non red varieties they. The birds leave them longer. They're not as interested in them. So many yellowish orange ones and so the lighter colored ones and the winter

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