Fireworks believed to have led to young zebra's death at zoo


Sounds that scare scare your your dog dog or or cat cat every every fourth fourth of of July July or or being being blamed blamed for for the the death death of of an an animal animal at at a a British British zoo. zoo. A A young young zebra zebra board board at at the the start start of of the the Koven Koven 19 19 pandemic pandemic died died at at Noah's Noah's Ark Ark Zoo Zoo farm near Bristol, England. It's believed the zebra named Hope died after being scared by fireworks. Those who writes on Facebook that when fireworks went off ahead of a bonfire last Wednesday. Hope ran into the boundary of her enclosure. The staff believes she was frightened by the banks of the fireworks, which caused her to bolt. The zoo says a postmortem report showed hopes cause of death was sudden impact. This who's hoping it'll make people consider alternative celebration methods. That's correspondent Matt Piper.

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