Week 10 fantasy football rankings: Running Backs


I running backs schedule running backs derrick henry. It's actually pretty terrible for the next. three weeks. colts ravens colts. They are top for against fantasy running backs. Then it is unbelievable. And this is the time of year. We're derrick henry gets going anyway His last three his fantasy playoffs are jacksonville. Detroit and green bay. So i i'm recommending. My dalvin cook sell high. And we're going to wait until this primetime game against the colts and hope derrick henry struggles a little bit. And then we're going to sell dalvin cook for derrick henry and very good wide receiver. Okay i because he's going to destroy jacksonville detroit and green bay and the fantasy playoffs. Jonathan taylor is. I have a tough time. Buy into this. But has four matchups against teams. That are twenty nine. Th or worse against running backs this week against tennessee. I don't think it's that great of a match up. They've been really good. The last five games against running backs these per carry giving up some points. But they're giving up touchdown they are giving up touchdown touchdown every game tennessee this year. But you know he's got houston he's got vegas. He's got houston again in week. Sixteen might be tough against pittsburgh but the match ups are great. Does it matter. I don't know what jonathan taylor. We'll see what his role is he's got to just he's got to start playing freely and i think that's what the colts are waiting for. I think the colts are going to give him every opportunity to to get there but he. He's splitting the russian downs. Work with jordan wilkins in the hemans. The hurry up back the passing downs back. David montgomery talked about best remaining schedule. And then two teams. That probably doesn't matter but the foul. I guess i shouldn't say that all that. You guys determine that via broncos and the patriots like damian harris is is locked in. He could be pretty good down the stretch but obviously we don't know if that's going to be the case but yeah patriots and broncos have good schedules now. You go running backs with bad schedules. This one i think is very very important. Kenyan drake. I don't know if anybody is really into kenyan drake but terrific low. You think so yes. Because he's got some very good run. Defenses coming up very good. Maybe he's not such a good bye. I hate the schedule. Buffalo's not good. That's this week. if he's back. Seattle is a good run defense. Their twelve against running backs new england's of matchup. But then after that. So we're talking. That's week ten eleven weeks thirteen and on the rams the giants the eagles the forty niners. That's weeks fourteen. Thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen. Those are four really good run defenses. And that's kenyan drake who only runs and doesn't have any involvement in the passing game so the whole point is to trade firm at the lowest possible price and it's because chase edmonds isn't gonna take his job when he comes back at it sir feels like he'll still have that role that rundown role maybe drake as the guy to go target. If you're desperate for a running back in the next three games not so much for the rest of the season you think this week. He might not even play this week. That's the problem is today. It feels like those games that you're referencing in the playoffs. Are more chase edmonds games than kenyan drake games like. Drake could play all four of those games against her. Three of those games against a good wendy fences and for edmonds might just be better. I think it's four good run. Event is the rams giants eagles niners and the giants thing. They're just about like fourteenth about as close to average as you can be but that's because they're really bad against pass catching running backs. They're not fourteenth in run. Vincent fourteenth and fantasy points allowed to running backs so that does feel more like a chase edmonds game like you. Just look at antonio gives they give us some touchdowns. Mckissic was a lot better than gibson. Even though gives another touchdown i dunno. I dunno school. Fantasy points because of the touchdown. But that's my point like these are good run defenses. So for a guy who's not involved in the passing game at all too scary schedule. I think down the stretch for kenyan drake.

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