Dr. Dre's estranged wife investigated for alleged embezzlement: Report


Guys remember we talked about Dr Dre divorce and how his wife worth requesting two million dollars a month in spousal Roy Yeah I was all for that. You guys were a little against me on that when we Were well according. According to TMZ Nicole young that Dr Trays Wipe is being investigated now for embezzlement in the report to the LAPD Dr Dre business partner alleges that Nicole withdrew three, hundred, eighty, five, thousand dollars. Okay and some change from their business account on the call has said she had a right to the money in that corporate account because her name is on it mccollum which Nicole I'm with you. Now, depending on the outcome. But wasn't picking. Games on the account to I can't she? Wouldn't. Because, she needs that she's got live to. Okay. One. Hundred Thousand Dollars. This. Okay. Tommy where she going to be living is gonNA be on the. Offending on the outcome of this case, you're right Steve Cut could. Possibly, be failing. Be Facing jail time. That is definitely no laughing matter.

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