President Trump is a strong leader.


The the portico, the porticos they called on the South Lawn of the White House. And instead, he went up the steps and the news media keeps saying he went up to the Truman balcony. It's It's not the Truman balcony, they went up to the lower level above the entrance on the South Lawn. And White House any and he went on any dared to take his mask off. There's nobody around, but he dared to take his mask off and they're really just a there is fearful as a bunch of little girls being told a scary story around the campfire at night with somebody rustling the bushes off in the distance. They're really easily frightened. Their cowardly there. There really are. They're they're fearful, weak, cowardly people, and they demonstrate this time and time again and they demonstrated again last night. President Trump is a strong leader. He has will strong will He is not fearful has life has not, Ah, a fearful life is he's a sturdy person, and he recognizes that he needs to get back into the game as quickly as possible as President, United States because among his many audiences are allies, America's enemies the Democrats on the media, but I repeat myself and that they're trying every trick. They can't every dirty, slimy trick. To smear and demean and diminish. The president is in the hospital, so he knew he wanted to get back to the White House as quickly as possible. He did. He then made a statement from the White House beautifully framed and shot this very upset very much. They've got the Washington Post. The New York Times very, very rankled very upset, and it's because he didn't die is really they wanted him to die. In fact, a poll shows that 40% of Democrats We're happy. That's the word happy that the president got the Wuhan. It's 40% of Republicans were happy that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. I think that would have been a big story, but the news media like Yeah, well, they agree. They're part of the 40%. I've

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