'Cheer' star Jerry Harris asks for jail release until trial


Are trying to convince a federal judge that their client should be released from jail while awaiting trial on child porn charges. W chance. Mike Lowe has the story wearing an orange jumpsuit instead of his familiar cheerleading uniforms. Jerry Harris, the star of the Emmy winning Netflix. Siri's cheer appeared before federal Judge Heather McShane. McShane heard arguments from Harris's defense attorney and from federal prosecutors about whether Harris should be allowed to be released from custody until his trial, The judge said she would rule on the matter quickly, but not today. 21 year old Naperville resident was arrested last month on child pornography charges in court today. Prosecutors alleged that Harris repeatedly coaxed minors into sending him sexually graphic photos and in one instance Had sex with a 15 year old boy in a bathroom during a cheerleading event. Harris is attorneys

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