Full Body Chills


Converge. Five victims of seemingly unrelated tragedies are found all alone in the same room just days before they die. What happens in that room sets forth a series of era personable calamities. Destiny said the room clung to a smell of pot and liquor. She was nervous worried Gregor might try and pressure them into using drugs. However. This was not the case. Apparently familiar with the proceedings took a bag of chips to one of the loungers. Rea- fell into a beanbag chair as Gregor. Drunkenly paste a shelf full of video games, Blu Ray DVD's and football memorabilia. He looked into a cupboard just below the shelves and pulled out a few classic VHS tapes. The covers according to destiny were all white but had a ribbon of color along one side. Most were green. But. One was purple. Gregor boasted his small collection passing them one of the Green Stripe tapes. The cover had the silhouette of swordfish and -scribed in Marco was the title Green Swordfish Twelve. Destiny asked if this was the movie they were going to watch but Gregor, shook his head and said, they were going to try a new one. He said all the tapes aside except for the one with the Purple Ribbon. Destiny said the name of this film was Herpel Moon Four? Destiny Hiltermann could not tell me what was on that tape. Either she could not remember or she refused to remember but she said they left that party after finishing the film. It's not clear whether those five felt any adverse change upon finishing the tape but. Just then as I looked into the hollow is of Destiny Wilton I pictured the canyons of carnage carved into tate McCain's face. Such as I struggled to formulate my questions destiny searched her words to express some insoluble secret. Her next words would forever be like a which to my mind. She leaned in desperately and whispered. Do you see the lines that connect the stars. Try as I did I could not apprehend her thoughts. And so we were both left to despair. For I was alone without understanding.

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