MJ Hegar wants to bring Texas values to the Senate


MJ Hagar Welcome. Hi. Jonathan. Thanks for having me on. So okay. I I had a set first question, but I'm going to ask my own separate question and that is we started out the clip intro this moment. With your doors add. You ran when you ran the last time to me was one of the most powerful political ads had seen perhaps ever was it important for you to tell your story in that way? You know I think part of why it was. So powerful was the moment that it played in. In that moment people were. Being exposed to the horrors of family separation, for example. And the fact that it resonated so much with people almost. Sad. I want it to be successful, but it was also kind of disheartening to hear so many people reach out to the campaign and say, yes, that was me I had doors closed in my face to I've been trying to advocate for. Disability rights because my child has down syndrome or whatever it was that they were trying to be heard by other elected officials and they completely You know empathize with that that experience of going to DC and having your elected officials closed door in your face and treat you like if you're not a big donor or you don't have any political capital to barter with and you don't matter. And so it was kind of a bittersweet thing. It was great that it got the campaign so much attention but it broke my heart a little that people were. So gut punched over family separation and and so used to their government just not working for them that the message really resonated with people. And so you you lost that. That that ad was made for and now you're running for for US Senate most polls I've seen have you around by points within five points of Senator Cornyn the Cook Political Report classifies your race as likely are which I expected to be solid are given whose Senator Cornyn is from your perspective how is the race looking? Well you know I mean if you I love you know just talking about like the INS and outs of the data although I do think the data shows. That, we have a much better shot than Beto did against Ted Cruz a lot of people think that beddoe crews race that if anybody you know. If we couldn't beat Ted Cruz and we can't beat anybody in Texas. It's actually not true independent voters really like Ted Cruz Ted Cruz had a fifty two percent approval rating when he wants went up against Beto. and. Better almost beaten and John Cornyn has an approval rating of anywhere from twenty eight to thirty two and the vote exactly the same way, and so you have to try to figure out what the differences between the white has one why once a while popular in Texas and one's not And, the reason that that John Cornyn is not so popular is because he there's not an independent bone in his body. He just does he's told he does as he's told by his corporate special interests he does he's told by his party leaders and. You know that's very Texan. It's very Texan to have backbone and grit and integrity and stand up for your principles and so You know I don't really look at polling that much. Even fivethirtyeight recently said that Democrats in Texas are always going out will recently at least maybe not always are outperforming the polling in part because you poll people with a reliable voting history and we've been forty nine hundred fiftieth in voter turnout for decades. So who's reliable voter anymore when when you have double or triple the turnout at the polls, a lot of the people showing up to vote which by the way the people who are getting. Engaged to go and vote who haven't been reliable voters tend to be not good news for whatever political party is in power right? So we expect to outperform the Coles the polling we're we're a lot closer than Beto was in the polling against Ted Cruz and yet he's still almost beat him. So I, have every confidence that. After the debate we only have one scheduled that Cornyn. has agreed to he has kind of chickened out on the other to even though he told the Texas Tribune that he would be. Willing to do more. I think that he knows that he can't run on his record I. think he knows that the more Texans learn about him the worse it is for him we pick up a lot more of those independent undecided voters because my vision for this state is a lot more in line with Texas values in. Want.

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