Starting first thing tomorrow morning. The


It's another showdown in the U. S. Senate starting first thing tomorrow morning. The confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Cockney Barrett. Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, Senator Lindsey Ground from South Carolina said Amy Cockney. Barrett will be confirmed no later than October 27. That's the Tuesday before Election day. Graham said this morning that the committee's gonna have hearings tomorrow through Thursday and then a final committee vote. On Amy Cockney Barrett. The following Thursday. This is going to the kind of Ah hybrid if you will, in that it's going to be some participation via video. From some senators, at least a couple on the committee of contracted the virus. And I believe I read where Senator Kamala Harris. The VP candidate for the Democrats is going to the On video as well. She apparently was concerned that Of they didn't tighten up the rules on testing and so forth prior to The committee hearings. Senator Dick Durbin. Senator Chris Coons, Senator Chuck Schumer, the minority leader. All out there on the Sunday TV talk shows today, women up the fear, uncertainty and doubt about thie. The prospects for Obama care. For overturn of Roe v. Wade.

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