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To do your transactions from home check balances make transfers, deposit checks and more sign up today, Redwood Credit Union for all that you love. Let's hit the road. Now. This report sponsored by stables, Heather takes us to I A D. Got a couple brush fires and a hit and run all on highway 80 from the Children. Auto Body Traffic desk. One Brush fire was reported for Valeo alongside of West 80, west of American Canyon. So far, traffic isn't slowing. Passing the scene now thatyou Shore freeway. The upper portion is really bad. There's a Hidden run injury accident there, Right Lane is blocked east 80 east of Panel Valley Road Traffic sat across from San Pablo Avenue and in the middle of all that there is a fire reported alongside of eastbound 80 at Richmond Parkway. Still seeing some slow traffic up and over the high rise of the San Matteo Span north bound eighties, still heavy from before Dakota rode up to a street. And out of the city that's packed from hospital curve to the Bay Bridge. Staples helps your business with everything from office essentials to health essentials, alit amazing prices. And right now it's staples safe up to 30% on all shipping supplies, like a 12 pack of Mailer's

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