Model S Price Cut, X Range Increase(?)


Everybody Rob our here, and today we were talking about a price cut on Tesla's model s an update on the full self-driving rewrite an SNP credit rating upgrade some news out of China India that a couple of other topics as well. We'll start off with the price cut tesla today the US lowered the base price for both the long range and the performance version of the Model S. by three thousand dollars meaning the starting prices dropped from about seventy five, thousand dollars before to about seventy two thousand dollars now and Tesla has similar. We cut the price in China for the mile s by about three percent I don't believe. It has been updated in Europe but all the pricing those markets are different. So let me know otherwise if it has changed in your market this is the second Prescott on the Model S. This year following a five thousand dollar price cut on the vehicle back in May, which also applied to the Model X. at that time. Interestingly, this update is only for the model s not the Model X. That means the base price spread on both the long range and performance versions of these vehicles is now eight thousand dollars I don't think this is terribly surprising given. The fact that we are now in Q. Four and Tesla does still. Have a shot at hitting five, hundred, thousand vehicle deliveries this year but it's GonNa take every single vehicle to do that I, think and on the s next combined unfortunately, tussle doesn't break those out individually anymore. But on those two vehicles combined they have been producing and delivering under the capacity Tesla in their queue update letter said that they had a current installed annual capacity out of Fremont for s and x combined and ninety thousand per year. That's twenty, two, thousand, five, hundred per quarter but tesla hasn't delivered more than twenty thousand as next combined since the end of twenty eighteen excluding the first two quarters this year due to. Production Shutdowns Tesla's at that point in time has averaged production of around sixteen thousand s annex per quarter. So they certainly seemed to have some additional capacity and that should be the case for batteries as well because these used the eighteen sixties from Panasonic, in Japan, which have previously accommodated s an extra rates around twenty, five, thousand per quarter in Q. Three, tesla produced around seventeen thousand ax in our previous conversations about potential Q. Four production. I just held that study at seventeen thousand I. Now think that will actually increase this quarter q four is naturally a stronger quarter for automotive demand tussle now, early in the quarter stacks this price. Got On top of it, and we also had the Plan Model S. announced at battery. Day? Which I think could have removed some doubts for some buyers that may have been waiting for battery day in anticipation of potentially other updates to tussles lineup. So I think you for should be pretty solid for model s and not to be outdone entirely by the model as we may actually have a range update for the Model X. DMZ member cold weather e. v. last night posted an update that they had just taken delivery of a twenty twenty one then model x. and they were surprised to see that on the monroney sticker which. Is that sticker in the vehicle comes with all new vehicles and has things like efficiencies migrating, and one of those things is EPA rating this person will surprised to see that the EPA rating for Model X. was three, hundred, seventy, one miles that is higher than the previous rating of three hundred, fifty, one miles of range, which is what tussle still lists on their design studio. So we'll have to wait and see if we hear this from more people obviously this just as one source at this point in time, and this user also does say quote I haven't charged to one hundred percent but when extrapolate my current state of charge? percent two miles, it should give three hundred and fifty one miles at one, hundred percent and quote. So maybe it is still three hundred, fifty, one miles or maybe the software just hasn't been updated for this new version yet I think the latter is more likely but again, we'll wait and see this would be five point seven percent increase to range, which I think brings to mind a couple of things. We earlier this year had a similar increase in range to the Model S., which took it from around three hundred eighty at remember the exact rating up to four hundred miles per charge. But when that happened the Model X.. Actually, stayed constant. So this could be the X. catching up with those s updates previously, or we do also know that Panasonic has been working to improve energy density in Nevada by about five percent five plus percent. So maybe they made more changes to the eighteen six fifty's that supply the model x. from Japan, and then maybe those new cells would be adding this five percent plus range. If that were the case we would expect to see this also happened in the Model S. probably. So anybody that is taking new deliveries of either the or the X. Please take a look at what your monroney sticker says and let us know. Next up, we have an update on Tesla autopilot rewrite Alon on twitter yesterday said Quote Limited Fasd Beta, releasing on Tuesday next week as promised. This will at first be limited to a small number of people who are expert and careful drivers and quote we last had an update on this about a month ago when John said quote releasing private Beta in two to four weeks public. Beta. Centers opt in four to six weeks after that. Then all US Tesla owners mid-december above schedules contingent upon not encountering major unexpected setbacks and quote. So this new tweet, it's a little bit less clear on which step or in if it is that I private. Beta. That he on his talking about here or if it's that limited public Beta for early access owners but to me, it does sound like that first. Step of being a private Beta. So that will come out next week one week from today on October twentieth. Apparently, if that's the case, it's about a week and a half out from that previous timeline but I think everybody can be pretty happy with that. If we extrapolate from that same timeline before using these new dates, we'd be four to six weeks out from early access, which would put a day range for. That from November seventeenth to December first depending on how wide this initial releases that early access program update that might be the first time that we actually start to see youtube videos and things of the sort pop up for the new rewrite though it is possible that we may see some of that as early as next week.

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