The 'Dungeons & Dragons' Murder


A North Carolina suburb in the early morning of July twenty fifth nineteen eighty-eight. On evonne, Stein awoke to an intruder at her bedside holding a knife and club. Bunny was severely beaten and stabbed, but she somehow managed to stay alive and call for help after the intruder left Leith was not selected. However, he was stabbed and bludgeoned to death when investigators learned that his estate was worth over two million dollars naturally his wife and stepchildren became suspects. Yeah. The amount I've heard varying stories on the amount, but it was around two million dollars. So a considerable amount of money especially in the nineteen eighties her was. The von Stein family lived in the small town of Washington North Carolina. And the rest of the state calls this town little Washington to differentiate it from Washington DC in Washington state. But I guess the people who live there like to call it the original Washington because it is the first town to be named after George Washington. That's an interesting tidbit for you. Can we fact check that I have done that but if we WANNA double check for me so it was the first town as we now yet. Okay. So. Whether you call it little Washington or original Washington the town was virtually destroyed in eighteen, sixty four, and then again in nineteen hundred by some devastating fires, a few homes survived and it was rebuilt and it became a farming and fishing community. So with a population of just over ten thousand pretty small. It's known as a sleepy town, but actually a pretty good place to raise your family low crime. I would imagine ten thousand is Pretty small but not too bad. So yeah probably be a nice place to raise a kid. Yeah, I. Think so. So, lease was born in Queens New York in nineteen forty six to parents who both came from well off German families who it is still a baby. The family moved to North Carolina his father Howard was a graduate of Brown University and he'd been a professional saxophone player before fighting in world. War? Two. After. The war. The Big Band era who is starting to be on its way out? And it was getting hard to find work as a saxophonist. So at this point, he had a wife and a baby boy to support so. Howard decided he needed to find a steady job. He ended up taking one offered by his brother-in-law as a laundry equipment salesman. He and I think he was successful at that. But maybe not at his happiest, right because he was an artist and musician. But he was successful. CONC- that whoever you're good at what you do that you're just not totally in it. Exactly. So lead Smart Marie does it on him she spoiled him and gave him pretty much anything he wanted. But you know he remained respectful and loving and had a good work ethic. By, the time he was in high school, the camel city laundry and cleaners had become one of the most successful laundries in the whole country. and lead stand Howard had become part owner and they were employing over one hundred people. But you know. Lee. had no interest in the laundry business and his dad totally understood that. So li-the never took a part time job that his father offered him at the laundry. He had decided on another career you're lethal is accepted into the school of Engineering at North Carolina State University. He. Was Successful for the first two years. But then in the junior year kind of his motivation and slacked off. He got into partying pretty heavily and he flunked out in nineteen, sixty seven. Now, the problem with this or this time is that the Vietnam War was going on. So guess what happened Oh Leaf He's drafted. Yeah. His parents were pretty frantic and worried about this as you can imagine or you're their only son, their only child. So he was twenty one years old by this time, and fortunately for him, his two years of college helped him get assigned to clerical work. So instead of being sent off to fight a war, he was stationed in office in Germany. Of course, he knew some German. So that came in handy to after his discharge from the army in nineteen seventy lethal returned home and enrolled at Guilford College in Greensboro as a business major. Gilford was a small quaker college. So some faculty and students held weekly silent vigils against the Vietnam War on the federal courthouse lawn. And Leaf was agreeing with them. He didn't think this war should be going on. Your a lot of this at that time didn't think that was a good idea. Shabby. That were absolutely it was the movement. So. Although he had been conservative for most of his life leaked did get some strong opinions against the war and he let his hair grow out to his shoulder started wearing blue jeans and he got a pair of those small round wire rimmed glasses that John

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