The James Craig Anderson Case


In the early hours, of Sunday, June twenty, six, two, thousand eleven, James Anderson who went by his middle name of Craig found himself in a predicament. He had locked his case inside his car. It was a setback the happy go lucky forty, seven year old African American man wasn't prepared for. Chri had gone out alone the previous evening as he's husband of Eighteen Years James was rusted onto work and not shift over the weekend. Our Zolia James had phoned craig to remind him to stop packing for their upcoming trip to Chicago in celebration of Craig's forty eighth birthday in five days tone. Deaf Cole ended with the men telling one another I love you. Craig's orange, Chevy Avalanche was parked in a lot of the Metro win a budget hotel in his home city of Jackson, Mississippi. Located near the intersection of highway eighty in the city's west, the lot was relatively small with round two dozen angled parking spots split into two near Avon rose. A Wendy's fast food restaurant was located on its northern Boorda with winding on and off ramps for the interstate twenty highway to the south. The law was partially framed with small tree line nature strips and access to the aced via frontiers road and to the West from the busy thoroughfare Avella Avenue. Shortly after full forty-five Im as Craig assess these options a what Jeb Cherokee v carrying four occupants and to the parking lot. Too, young occasion man got out of the vehicle and approached Craig who explained his dilemma. He asked the pair. If they had a coat hanger, he could use to try Jimmy the lock in his car door. The men moved back and forth dead Jay and Craig's CAA engaging Craig in conversation while seemingly looking for an autumn that could be of assistance. Fifteen minutes light up a dock green Ford F to fifty pickup truck carrying three occupants drove into the COP hawk before leaving via the LS avenue exit. The two men who were hoping crag go back into the Jape and followed the food. Moments light off by vehicles returned and stopped in close vicinity to wear Craig was waiting by his car. The two men who had assisted cry go Gola emerged from that Jape and joined by the driver of the Ford a young what Glum head blue eyed. He called cry a racist slur and yoed. Get away from white truck. Suddenly one of the men from the Jape punched Craig in the face knocking him to the ground. The driver of the Ford then straddled Craig and proceeded to hit him repeatedly around the head while casting and shouting racial abuse. The remaining passengers of the group's two vehicles watched on as the assailants spent the next three and a half minutes bathing. Craig. Afterwards. He stalled crags mobile phone wallet and Wedding Ring Before Jumping back into the driver's sade of the Ford. As the JAPE. Drive away one of its passengers Yoda. What Pale? In response, the driver of the Ford raised his fist in the air and yelled back. What. Pale.

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