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Few huge surprises at apple's high speed event though. There were some unexpected bits. Did. Anybody. See The verizon thing coming? Did we have any idea what? MAG SAFE WAS GONNA turn out to be. There we'll get to those. Most of today's presentation is drawn from a couple of viewings of the Apple Park presentation. We'll also pull from the usual suspects doing their usual bang-up jobs. Tuesday's high-speed event presentation started with Apple CEO Tim Cook welcoming viewers back to Apple Park than throwing the presentation almost immediately to others to give the INS and outs of home pod. Many. Bob Board richer's apple VP worldwide product marketing listed the company's desires for home pod. Wanting. The device to have amazing sound to act as an intelligent assistant to serve as a smart home hub all while protecting the privacy and security of the user. This, they say they do in a smaller spherical unit that costs less than one third of the original home pods original asking price. On the amazing sound side company bragged on the devices ro properties as well as how well it plays with others. Others being other apple devices. Users can apparently sink home pod many's either a stereo pairs or to play the same audio throughout the home. The. Inclusion of apples you one processor makes handoff easier to handle according to the company. For what it'll play. Well, there's the usual stuff apple music, apple podcasts, iheartradio radio DOT COM tuned in with Pandora and Amazon music on the way in the coming months. As for the smart part Home Pod, many will handle or interact with messages. Calendar phone calls maps music because. The. Weather reminders and find my feature. There was also an interesting demo where users ask for personal updates and got them. personalized. So he you know multiple voice recognition is key. Now. One new feature mentioned and de Mode was intercom. This is basically what it sounds like. You tell home pod to deliver a message to everybody and the various apple devices in the house including other home pods, iphones, apple watches air pods, and even carplay units play or display the message. I have heard entercom will work with the original home pods as well though not seeing that confirmed. Addressing. It's smart home hub nece home pod many integrates with apple's home APP that lets control home connected accessories said scenes and stuff like that. Covering User Privacy Apple, says no word spoken to Home Pod, leave your home until you touch home pod many or say he. S I are. So, yes, it is always listening but what it here's goes nowhere until you give it the command. Request. A home pot or not associated with apple ID. You choose whether recordings are saved by apple personal requests only work when the associated iphone is home with you. And communications with smart home accessories used strong encryption according to the company. Now I, said earlier that the unit is spiritual. If you've seen a home pod, there is no mistaking what this thing is. Same sort of light up display on the top same mesh wrapping it's roundedness and the same white and space grey options as the original home pod. Coming soon to flat surface near you. Orders for home pod many began on the sixth of November unit, start, shipping the week of the sixteenth of November. Not Price, to beat an echo but not a device that will break the bank. Home Pod many will sell. For, Ninety, nine bucks. Okay. I pretend to hear you say but I'm worried about breaking my home pause many. Not sure why but better to be safe in your case. To that end apple care plus we'll be available for home pod. Many. A piece from macrumors says, that will run buyers fifteen bucks. When Tim Cook was back on camera, he took a moment to Brag on iphones past noting the iphone eleven has been the number one smartphone in the world since its launch and that I phone has led the industry in customer satisfaction every year since it's Get ready to hate all of them as the iphone twelve line makes the scene bringing with it five G. Connectivity. Which one? All of them. Had Been Rumored Apple announced four iphone phone twelve models and has had also been rumored. Each can support five G.. Cook says, five G. Brings A new level of performance for downloads UPLOADS, higher quality video streaming, more responsive gaming, real time interactivity, and more. The CEO says five Jia superfast, which he actually pitched as a security feature speeds are so good. He says you'll be less tempted to sign on the public WIFI limiting exposure to the dangers that lurk there. Every decade brings new technology that provides a step change in what we can do with iphone said Cook. Today. A new era begins for iphone. Today we're bringing by G. to phone. Then began the verizon commercial. Hans Fest Berg Chairman and CEO. Verizon took to the stage talk about big reds five G. offering. Verizon's by ultra wideband with large quantities of millimeter wave access will be live and sixty cities across the US by the end of this year. In ideal conditions, Best Burg says the carriers seen four gigabits down and two hundred megabits up. The four gigabits is kind of funny own Antonio Guy says an ideal conditions. Well it doesn't sound like you're getting four GIGA beds but we'll get, him. The other thing best Burger announced was flipping the switch on Verizon's extensive five gene nationwide network. That apparently went live yesterday. Boy would I like to know the terms of the deal worked out between, that bill and Verizon? Emphasis on particular carrier. I did not see coming. Now I said iphone twelve comes in four models here the rumor mill rang true. The phones are iphone twelve iphone twelve many iphone twelve pro and iphone twelve pro, Max. Starting with iphone twelve, remember the squared off edges of iphone Four. The new design returns us to that. Squared edges that meet flush with the devices front and back glass the front classes something special though. Working with corning delay, this display is protected by what apple. Calls Ceramic. Shield. It is said by the company to be tougher than any other smartphone class with four times better dropped performance than iphone eleven. The display it's protecting is apple custom Ole ed providing truer blacks, better contrast and two times the pixels iphone eleven or four, hundred, sixty pixels per inch. While that displays the same six point one inches iphone eleven, apple shrank the surrounding enough to make iphone. Eleven percent than her fifteen percent smaller and sixteen percent lighter than iphone. Eleven Choice of colors is not huge but they are pretty. With options and black. White Product Red Green. And blue that. Does things for me. I shouldn't talk about in mixed company. The candy coating is nice. Let's talk about. It's Chewy. Chocolate center starting with the phones five Genus Apple says, iphone twelve has the most five G. bands of any smartphone for better performance in more places. Additionally the company's silicon, the software approach. Let's apple make the best use of available five G. including choosing to not use five. G.. It sounds like iphone defaults to lt e tapping into five G. when it's both necessary and available. That is great for power consumption according to the company. Apples tested the new phones on over one hundred carriers and over thirty regions. In ideal conditions iphone twelve gets up to three point five gigabits on. which is what makes the Brian Bragging about four gigabytes down kind of funny yesterday. It does support millimeter wave those so. got that going for it. As, for the phones on workings iphone twelve powered by apple's a fourteen bionic, the first phone powered by the five nanometer processor technology packing eleven point eight billion transistors roughly forty percent more than eight thirteen. A six core CPU that's up to fifty percent faster than last year's phone and a four core GPU graphics that are up to fifty percent faster than last year's model. Machine learning also gets a boost iphone, twelve packs of sixteen coordinator and Gen that's up to eighty percent faster than iphone eleven capable of eleven, trillion operations per second. Company bragged on Games claiming console quality for the phone. To Demonstrate and executive from riot games showed off League of legends wild rift a mobile, only game due out later this year. Well phone twelve is not the phone photographers would choose. There's plenty of improvement and it's cameras. Apple says the phone has a twelve megapixel ultra wide camera and twelve megapixel wide camera. It said the sport, the fastest aperture yet it also features a seven element lens that apple says offers twenty-seven percent improvement in low light performance. Mag Save is an internal thing. Rather than a name for a connector is in days of old MAG. Safe today is a collection of magnets and charging elements that help line up the phone for proper charging. When it's not charging those magnets go to work holding on cases and wallets and third party stuff. Apple expects a thriving ecosystem of third party doodads take advantage of the newly introduced MAG. Safe. Ness. Mag Safety. Safe thing. Anyway. It's a thing built into iphone twelve. Every model in the line. Now's probably phone twelve many. Except for the size, you can take everything I've said so far about iphone twelve and play it back. iphone twelve many has the same specs as iphone twelve though in a slightly smaller size. The company says the mini is smaller and lighter than four point seven inch models like iphone eight but with a bigger five point four inch display. Apple says, this one is the smallest thinnest and lightest five G. phone. In the world. Talking about last night with Frederik, Van Johnson, and a few other folks on Chuck joiners Mac. Voices. We came to the conclusion that the pro phones for two groups, people who wanna spend as much money as they can afford. Or people who really care about the camera. There's nothing wrong with the camera functionality and the iphone twelve or iphone twelve many. Unless you count they're not being as high end as the camera on the high end. No I'm not a high end photo guy. So there was a lot set around iphone twelve pro, an iphone twelve pro Max that escapes me. The camera on iphone twelve pro boxes said by apple to have a sixty five millimeter focal length from fifty two millimeter focal length and last year's counterpart. It's got five times optical zoom range and the set to support an eighty seven percent improvement in low light versus last year's top of the pro line. I do know enough to be impressed by one thing. The pro line can shoot an apple pro raw. or it will be able to with a software update. Later, this year photographers will also be able to edit those images. Directly, in the photos APP. The pros can also handle. HD are video recording catching seven hundred million colors. Sixty Times, the number they could capture before. Apple, said they also sport the first smartphone camera that'll record in dolby vision hd are. And just like the apple pro raw functionality users will be able to edit the dobie vision HDR video in the photos APP. Finally the light are rumors were finely true the twelve pro and twelve pro Mac speech or a world facing light detection and ranging scanner. That let folks scan and modeled their surroundings. Apples Demos showed that put to use for placing objects in an augmented reality environment performing improved autofocus and low light and improving camera that perception in low light for night moat. Working our way out of these phones, Greg, Joswiak, apple's newly minted senior. VP Worldwide Marketing talked about a few of the pro lines features. It's got mad safe. It's got ceramic shield. It's got a Super Ratna FDR display. As for sizes iphone twelve pro gets bumped from five point eight inch display display size of six point one inches the pro Max meanwhile goes six point five inch display to a display size of six point seven. All of it is bound by the same squared off edges as iphone twelve, the with a couple of distinctions. I. The outer band is stainless steel on the pro line and second the colors are a bit more refined. Coming in silver graphite a gold that looks seriously golden. And the Pacific. Blue that doesn't do as much for me as the blue on the IPHONE twelve. Not that I'd turn it down. If cost is your primary concern. Here is what you're looking at across the whole line of iphones. iphone se. Start Three, hundred, ninety, nine dollars iphone ten are starts at four ninety, nine iphone eleven starts at five, ninety, nine iphone many starts at hundred ninety, nine dollars iphone twelve starts at seven ninety, nine, iphone twelve pro starts at nine, ninety nine. An iphone Pro Max starts at one, thousand, ninety, nine dollars. For the new phones though those prices are only Kinda SORTA true. Peace, from the Mac Observer says iphone twelve many an iphone twelve do start at six, ninety, nine and seven, ninety nine if you buy them as a t and T or verizon phones if you buy one is either a sprint or t mobile phone or as an unlocked phone. The starting prices are seven, twenty, nine, and eight, twenty nine. With no indication as to why. While it's great that ceramic shield means less of a chance of broken display. The chance is still there. If that bugs, you apple care pluses there for all of them. macrumors says, two years of coverage will run one, hundred, forty, nine dollars for iphone and twelve mini. Adding loss or theft protection will up that price to to nineteen buyers can get ongoing coverage for seven, ninety, nine per month or eleven dollars and forty nine cents with loss and theft added. As for the higher end phones, the pizzas, two years of Apple Care Plus will cost one, nine, thousand, nine or nine dollars ninety nine cents per month. Theft. And loss coverage bumps that price to two, hundred, sixty, nine dollars or thirteen dollars and forty nine cents per month. Ongoing. As for availability, apple is starting in the middle. And working out. Would owners can order iphone twelve and iphone twelve pro this Friday the sixteenth. October. They'll be delivered the following Friday the twenty third. If you're targeting either end of the range. iphone twelve, many an iphone twelve pro Max will go up for order on the sixth of November. Delivery should hit the following Friday the thirteenth of November. Barring incident which I have to say because. Friday

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