The closer we get to the election, The more passionate the discussion on KGO Cole,


Don't know anything. I absolutely believe that Donald Trump and Melania Trump are agents of Russia. He killed so many he ended the Isis caliphate killed Al Baghdadi moved the Jerusalem Embassy. How pathetic are you Vote for the Green Party loser. You sound desperate to me, man. I think you know you're gonna get trout. I hate the man. We need to get that guy out of here. And his son are stone called Crockett. Come on, give me a little break you I don't know where you're getting your fake news from But you're lying to the people that listen to no, No, I'm not certain. When I look at Trump I see Mussolini. He ended a boondoggle Paris accord and got out of a bad Iran deal and got NATO to pay off. The whole

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