September 2020 Hot 50 Countdown -Newcomer at 41

Hot 50 Countdown


Woke her to the high 50 at 41 is created by host. Aaron Lewis, Aaron interviews, creative professionals who have turned their imagination into their career song writers directors actors in public speakers artists and musicians full of podcasters and more. How does creativity work and how can I pay the bills off? Add number four t a paranormal checks Donna and carry they love to talk about abnormal things. They are intrigued by things-that-go-bump-in-the-night and they're real life monsters who live among us. Each episode will have one story of True Crime and one of the Paranormal variety pack at it real baby. Now don't get scared at number thirty-nine is haunted happenstance with Jenny are Cormier a truly spooky series of ghosts. She said in Boston Mass listen in and follow along a series of events that can only be explained as haunted happenstance. See see what I did there. Jenny turned back to the window by found it empty. She set up quicker still to find that her bed was not as her eyes met those of a woman maybe a decade younger than Danny and age but a century older by time without thought Denny screamed furiously and threw her hands out wildly and forcefully wage tend to push the other woman as far away as possible as her hands met the shoulders of The Unwanted figure her own fingers sparked Maddie how old out ferocious long and the woman snapped away. At number 38, what's your spaghetti policy with Alex and Jacob spaghetti should have a to-go option

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