The questions of Savannah Guthrie were embarrassing. They were just


At NBC chose But the New York Times even reported before the debate that she Was under enormous pressure to make the night a nightmare for Trump because they were living at NBC for giving him the forum in the first place, so they were going to have to make Trump pay. And I don't think she succeeded. I don't think she made it a nightmare for Trump. I think that he shined. I think he he came through with flying colors. Given what he was up against, you know you watch these things. You keep hoping. Don't lose your cool, Mr President. Don't take the bait. Mr President. Don't Don't lose your composure. Sit there. Maintain your posture. Whatever your posture is at the outset of the show on that stool you're sitting out maintain that And he did. The voters who asked questions of Trump. They were good questions. They were well asked everybody on that. NBC Town Hall looked great. The questions of Savannah Guthrie were embarrassing. They were just Dutch, She was a dud. It was. It was obvious she was there for one reason, and that was to prove herself to her peers. In the media, but the actual town hall, part of it was really good. The debate part which there should not have been, But of course, there was always going to be The debate part with Savannah Guthrie, that was kind of nerve racking, and it's frustrating, and it's irritating to president with you. Will you denounced? Q. And on you and you and you and he doesn't know what you know. Here's the thing about Donald Trump. That they know and they're able to use this. Two in using their vernacular and their terminology. They're able to entrap him. What one thing Donald Trump will not do. Is Criticize. Excessively. I mean, he won't go overboard on anybody that likes him. Remember watching interview he did with Charlie Kirk turning point, Yusa. And it was at the White House and it was about a year ago is around Christmas time a year ago. And Charlie. Was asking the president about the youth vote.

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