listening to our hearts

Tara Brach


Begin breathing together. That's taken ice full deep in breath. A slow out breath. Center, letting go as you released the breath. Again a nice deep full in breath. And a slow out breath. Letting go. Letting go. One more. Time inhale deeply. Then a smooth slow out breath. Releasing any tightness attention? That's possible. In allowing the breath to come back to its natural rhythm. Feeling the quality of presence. That's here. In this presence. Bring the attention to sound. Begin listening to the sounds around you. Aware of the sounds that are close in the space that Iran? Aware of the sounds of these words coming and going. Where of silence? Between the words. The snake to the space you're in. And then to the more distant sounds. Sensing that. Listening presence so That's receptor. Sir Listening not just with your. Ears, but with your whole awareness. And now bringing that listening presence. To the body so that you're listening to and feeling the sensations in the body. As you. SCAN. You might feel the. Area of the brow the is. Listening to fueling. The aliveness, such they're. Not Trying to change. Anything. Just. Taking in what here? Feeling the lips. Gums the teeth. Receptive, presence in the area of the mouth. Listening to feeling the life that's here. Letting that. Receptive. Presence spread through the face. Feeling. All the sensations in the face, the micro muscles. Relaxed reciptivity. Including the Scalp and the skull. Feeling all the sensations through the head face. Bringing that listening attention to the throat. syncing with that receptivity kind of curiosity. What's it feel like right here. Down through the shoulders, you might gently give yourself. Instruction to relax shoulders back and down a little. then. Let that listening. Receptive Presents Phil Shoulders. Allowing life to be just as it is.

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