Why You Should Be Willing To Experiment


Anyway. So I've been thinking about this. I've had questions the last couple of podcasts I have been answering different ones and it's always interesting to me when I can kind of make the stuff. FIT under one thing like two weeks ago was basically the answer to every single question that I answered was five minute pickup. There was more to it than that but I like on a lot of bag on that podcast anyway, and then last week was. Something that I can't think of in this exact moment while I'm talking to you know it was what was it? Whatever it was. It was all basically around. A theme like there were quite a few different questions that could be grouped under that theme. And I was thinking. This was kind of going to be a okay. I'll just cover the last of the questions there which I didn't guarantee. I was going to cover all the questions, but it just worked out pretty well. And Just. Today I was thinking about something in my own life i. want you know that kind of is applies to all of those questions pretty much that I was GonNa talk about my next podcast. So we're talking about experimenting like the whole concept of experimenting I think sometimes for those of us who? Have spent a lot of our lives feeling inept at this homemaking thing who have felt unqualified or bewildered by or just overall overwhelmed and not confident in. What to do to actually keep our houses under control I think that we don't always fill out of freedom. In that way because like I I, it's just the same thing as I explained to my kids I'm like you. Once you get something down like let's say you get. You get you know my daughter's Andrea team now and she works on things and Oh, I heard y'all I just have to say it has been so much fun to I mean I'm telling you just since she tried out in May. When she was trying to do it and she was, you know she made it obviously. So she did great. But the improvement that just comes from her re just knowing more like she knows more and when you know more than you have the freedom to put a little pizzazz on you know we're talking about dance there but it's really the same thing for everything like once you. have some skills down what know what to do. Then you feel more confident when you feel more confident, you're like, oh I, can try this can try that. But for those of us who have lived our lives not feeling confident in this area sometimes we're scared to experiment. We're like, please just tell me what to do, which is the beauty of something like. You know the the twenty eight days to hope for your home, which is included in my book how to manage your home without losing your mind you know those twenty eight days of building four basic habits I mean I talk through every single day like you spend seven days. Getting a new habit down and we go through all of the weird things that are going to go through your brain and all that kind of stuff and like you know I hear all the time from people who say it helps me so much to know. When I don't know what to do do the dishes. Or War with the decluttering process from decluttering at the speed of life you know I look at a space that's overwhelming. I know to just focus on the trash trash is step one. Okay. So all of those things are very helpful because they know what to do. Okay. But for those of us who are desperate for that and who that is so incredibly helpful for you know there are people out there who like. You have to tie yourself to to the Tesha like who has to tell themselves. Like they just don't even understand. That some of us have to talk ourselves through that. Okay. Because those things are more natural or more obvious maybe or more clear whatever two other people anyway. But sometimes, those of us feel like we're just hanging on with like please just tell the next step we don't feel the freedom to experiment. Well, some of these questions get into some things where it's like. Well, you really do this different ways. So I went to give you the freedom to experiment. So my example you know I'm working on my next book who knows when it's going to be done. Because it's really hard for me right now 'cause anyway. So not like hard something awful is going on. I'm just really struggling. Okay with it. Anyway. I when I wrote my second book I think I did a podcast on breaking down a huge project and all that and. When I wrote my second book it was on a really really tight deadline. And part of my issue right now is they don't have a deadline which whatever because it's not actually under contract or anything yet but I had this deadline and I had to get it done and I really reaped the benefits of having written a book before

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