Need a Job? These Businesses are Hiring!


How about some really good job news The October twenty twenty hiring report is out. And you don't see good news in the news very often. I've got some really good job news and some very specific areas for those of you who say Ken I'm not doing what I WANNA do I'm ready for a change? Here's where you need to be looking. The demand for jobs in transportation and warehousing and retail is picking up obviously you've had the big box and the big delivery companies like ex is in the Amazon's they've been hot for a while, but they're also hiring more jobs for the holidays. How about cooking these restaurants are firing back up people are starting restaurants. People are at least for the moment. Going to eat. In restaurants need people who can cook ten Bar Bus Restaurant managing all of those opportunities are out there and those will continue I believe to heat up. Hiring in healthcare. Now we know that the emergency and the frontline medical workers those jobs have been hot, but we're see non essential areas. Not Essential I hate that term by the way, but that's the way it's listed. What that simply means is non-medical. So supportive healthcare positions if you will and be with the non mercy elected medical and dental surgeries and other procedures beginning to resume. These medical centers and hospitals are hiring once again, doctors offices are hiring once again there's a lot of growth there manufacturing is heating up. This is a good thing. I. Want to see the United States rely more on our people making stuff for US K. Tech jobs also on the rise. Because of. What covert has done for remote working it's exploded. It made it more widespread. the technology positions? That support, all of the systems for remote working to actually be effective. Well, there's just you know it's almost like A. Whole new channel of workers just to support that platform. So those technology jobs and the Ken Coleman. Show is about ready to announce a huge partnership. Oh. My goodness AB-. So excited about this. You got to stay tuned to the program or announce a big time partnership where you. Can Get trained in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. and start making really good money in the technology field. With, an opportunity make six figures in a small amount of time that's come in I can tell you about it today but that's coming. And finally, the real estate market is hot not just for home buyers home sellers how about people working in real estate? Real estate job postings increased by forty percent month over month for positions ranging from real estate agents to property and community association managers, Loan Officers, and interview, or so the real estate market in America right now as hot hot hot. So this is a good time job situation has improved tremendously. Don't pay attention to all the negative news at the world is coming to an end despite which candidate wins because it's not. SAR paying attention to your world, your zip code and what's life really like.

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