Google's antitrust battles: Here's what you need to know

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On Tuesday a sitting on my couch playing with my baby and I got a news alert on my phone that the justice department was suing Google. Phone briefing we understand being led by the deputy Jeffrey. It's the first time. The government has gone after big tech like this in more than twenty years this morning, the Department of Justice and eleven state. Filed an antitrust civil lawsuit against Google for unlawfully maintaining a monopoly general services and search advertising. I wanted to find out more about the and so I searched for the complaint on my phone. And that search was powered by google. You know on one hand your desire your urge to Google to find that information is what millions and millions of people do every day about the most basic queries. That's Tony Romm covers tech for the Washington. Post and they do this at least in Google's is because they see Google to be the best search engine available to people right now. But the thing is Google search engine is on my phone by default. The government basically argues that consumers like me didn't have much choice in the matter that Google became the default not because it's best but because it struck a bunch of unfair deals. Deals with apple and other cellphone makers as well as carriers. Deals that make it search engine and search advertising not just dominant unfairly. So and in addition to that, it's made it hard for any other company any other potential rival to be the next Google. So to speak to put together a search engine that you might find even more effective or you know a company that could have even more useful products that you might be likely to gravitate toward. Here's the thing about antitrust law. It can feel kind of boring and Arcane, but it affects our choices as consumers what we see what we buy what our options are. So a case like this really matters especially because it doesn't happen all that. Often the government really hasn't gone after a company like this in recent memory the last time the Justice Department sued big tech. Company for antitrust violations was in nineteen, ninety eight when it went after Microsoft they just have shied away from those kinds of antitrust challenges. We simply have not seen the US government go toe to toe in a case like the US government is bringing against Google. Today on the show, the case against Google. The government is trying to police big tech for the first time in decades. So why is this happening now? How strong is the case and does it matter that it's coming from trump's justice department? I'm Lizzie O'Leary and you're listening to what? Next td a show about technology power, how the future will be determined

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