Pope Francis, in Shift for Church, Voices Support for Same-Sex Civil Unions


It's a sea change of the Catholic Church in a new documentary, Pope Francis's supporting civil unions for same sex couples. An unusually clear expression of support for homosexual couples. Pope Francis back civil union laws, saying gay couples have a right to be legally covered civil union laws are already in place in many countries and states but are rarely is comprehensive his laws on same sex marriage in a new documentary out today, the pope also says homosexuals have a right to be in the church family because news correspondent Elaine Cobb A sudden shift by the church comes as no surprise to those who have carefully tracked. The pope's message is this is something he's thought about for a long time, D. C based Jesuit priest, Reverend Thomas Reese, analyst for Religion News Service because the pope, speaking in a just premier documentary in Rome, is saying that gay people have a right to family when he was Thea bishop of Point of Sarah's in Argentina. He supported the idea of civil unions for gay couples. What is unclear by the pope's remarks, re says is whether the pope is including Children, in his reference to gays having a right to family. Hardly Catholic adoption agencies in the United States Do not allow gays to adopt or foster Children.

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