What makes a good horror film in 2020?

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Going on with horror movies. What are horror movies? Now the world has gotten certainly more horrifying in the last twelve months. We had a conversation like this, but before we get into you. Know Lists and the Adam Sandler movie. I kinda wanted to take your temperature on where you think this genre is at right now. Well, I don't know that we can say for sure because I'm not sure what her movies were not getting, right? I don't know what movies maybe delayed release that didn't get the festival bump that they needed from south by or or any of the summer festivals that might have happened So it's hard to say but I I would say that. I find my appetite for her pretty much the same as it was any other year. I don't necessarily find as festive outside I. Don't know the for one thing in Los Angeles. It's ninety degree. So doesn't really feel like Halloween but for another I, just you know everybody's inside. So I don't think the decorations of really started to go up yet I. Don't know that I don't really spend a lot of time in the Candy Aisle at my age you know what I mean what do you think? Well, I know you're costume guy. No you'd like to dress up just on any. Oh Wednesday. So this must be strange for you to not be able to dress up as a giant clown and run the streets. Pharaoh that's me. Yeah I I agree I think it's a little bit strange to not feel the Halloween and the Halloween season but I don't necessarily associate horror just with Halloween. It's definitely a twelve month a year John Reform me and it's this month a year. History to Halloween is when we are allowed to watch nothing but her for like a month and not seemed like we should be committed. Yes. I appreciate my wife creating a dispensation for me to be able to watch some of the most vile things imaginable on film. I several consecutive days on quite a run right now catching up on stuff seeing stuff for the first time. A lot of it is very gross or very disturbing and you're right. There's like we psychologically grant ourselves the right to do this at this period, which is pretty pretty weird. Come on honey. It's early. October. Let's watch. Torn to pieces. Yeah anyhow. What about from the from the year so far in terms of the movies that have been released have there been any that you actually liked from the Shawna Yeah I've seen a couple of things on demand that I thought were pretty cool. Some of them were like late nineteen things that finally got released this year I think that you and I. were. Really looking forward to seeing a bunch of stuff in Texas at. South by which was the OH maybe we'll go to Austin rate like right as quarantine was starting to become really apparent as the magnitude of the situation was dawning on us. So I I really don't know if you've seen anything in twenty twenty that you think is like really stellar. You know. I wanted to ask from hosts. Really Right. Y-. Right. So I think that that's I think that's where we should take this conversation which is a couple years ago. I. Did this Horror Oscars Gimmick on the site where I picked my favorite. What I thought was the best horror movie of every year since Nineteen, seventy, nine and I like the idea of continuing to hand out that award every year and so looking at kind of what would be the five contenders from each year but as you say Most of the movies of that are sort of noisy studio movies have been pushed back candyman for example, Nia Costa's remake reimagining of that classic is not coming out now until next year that's a bummer i. a lot of people were looking forward to it. I was looking forward to it. We got a few things. You know we got we got the invisible man we got relic There have been a couple of movies on shudder shudder originals, one of which I'll talk about later in the show. But like blood quantum, which I talked about on the show Z, the Beach House that I think are all worth recommending but I wouldn't say are on the order of. Hereditary or or something like that. You know that we haven't had a movie like that. That feels like it's a little bit of a moment. A little bit of a movement announces a new filmmaker in a loud and noisy way I. Don't know you know. Host is really interesting. I think the last time the show is just you and I talked about we talked about host and it kind of feels like it has has the belt for horror movies in twenty twenty if only by circumstance. Yeah I think you mentioned all those other like invisible man etc I would the lodge in there I would throw the rental and they're like. They were really there is some pretty solid doubles to left, but the host was the one where I was just like a watch it again I'm going to recommend it's all my friends I'm going to try and get people who don't ordinarily watch horror movies to check it out, and especially if we're talking about twenty twenty horror movies, it is a movie that only have been made this year. Do you think that that's a movie that's going to stand the test of time or only resonating with people because we're all looking at screens all day. No I think it will I think it's going to be a good time capsule movie for sure. But I think that there are some things that it does and you talked about this with Alex Ross Perry, which was an amazing conversation. If people haven't checked it out and I, think his some of the stuff he said towards the end of your conversation will influence what we're about to talk about today. But I think that you guys talked a little bit about the technology and the the storytelling that it employs and how it seems to be like a step for like an evolution in what could we do with? The collective psychology of what's going on with people and that's what's awesome about her movies is that I feel like unlike any other genre really taps into how people are feeling at any given time about certain things it has at least that capacity.

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