President Trump Leaks 60 Minutes Interview Footage — Including the Moment He Walked Out


And you see what's going on. You see? I won't get nervous over there. You know, the deep state Democrats are these people that we've been dealing with getting a little bit nervous Earth. There's your president, boom boom. I said it was like, boom! Boom. What What is he talking about? In the night air. It was like, okay, he's trying to make the case for himself. I'm keeping the terrorists, jihadists and violent extremists the hell out of our country and its okay. She we would like to. I would like to keep the jihadist out of the country. If you're all right with you, Katie, Can you play the clip from the media? Can you pull that up? I sent it to Union Diem's So This is going to react in real time to this, but, you know The suggestion was out there that Donald Trump stormed out of the 60 Minutes interview. And Trump said the Trump either trump himself for the Trump team was like, Well, we videoed the whole thing. And if you're going to continue, Tio misinterpret or miss communicate what actually took place here? We'll just release our Whole video of this and people conjugate themselves. So now the stuff is starting to trickle out here. And it gives you the opportunity to judge for yourself. There's there's a little video that play. I figured that's fine. I mean, you've got Leslie Stall with 60 minutes. How long has she been with 60 minutes? 60 years 60 years, and she's interviewing President Trump. And you know, the 60 minutes has done an interview with Joe Biden. It was very comfy and cozy as they all have been. And you could just tell that the president doesn't really love the tone and the tenor Katie Good. Avery, Look, the evidence is overwhelming. And attorney general bars great degree there very long. I get to see what's gonna happen because I purposely like to say You know what? I don't like to get it. I can have one, but I want to get involved. But I think they've been very, very lucky. Attorney General Bar is in general. You know, I didn't wish you brought up a lot of, she says. I didn't want to have this kind of interview. That's that's an important part of where this heads because, you know, I didn't want to have this kind of interview. Well, what kind of interview? Does anybody go it Like At What point did you find out what His favorite flavor of cupcake is? Come on. We all know that You won't like the interview that people want to watch the reason people are watching 60 minutes, so you can get the interview that everybody expects from Donald Trump. Nobody wants to be pleasantly surprised by Donald Trump. That's not even on the menu. You're not gonna turn into Donald Trump trumps interview on 60 minutes to be like Wow. I hope that this is really pleasant, full of softball questions when you brought up a lot of subjects that they were broke. Let's begin your first questions. This is going to be tough questions. Well, you said your first statement was president. Don't you know your first This is gonna be tough questions. I don't like that. You set up the interview and say that Let's have a lovely interview, and here's what I do. So you don't know you. I saw your interview with the guy I was in jail. The interview, 60 minutes I see chilled by giving softball after so I've seen one of those interviews. He's never been in question. That's hard, but you start with the excuse me less than you started with. Your first date. Are you ready for tough questions? Lastly, 117. This is the first warning. That is until we have well. I think we have a way way. I think we have enough interview, okay? Let's go meet for two seconds. So that's that right? There is how they suggested. That Donald Trump stormed out of this interview.

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