Hundreds of Trump supporters protest in Beverly Hills, near Los Angeles


Of President Trump's supporters say they believe the election stolen, citing election fraud. CBS two's Laurie Perez talk to some of those people as they demonstrated on the streets of Beverly Hills. Yesterday, you asked them what evidence they've seen. They say it's coming and insist the allegations of fraud are not unsupportive. I think there needs to be more clarity. It's like a football game. You always have a winner and a loser. And I want it to be fair. I want want to to be be fair. fair. They They came came armed armed with with as as of of yet yet unsubstantiated unsubstantiated claims claims and and signs signs touting touting ballot ballot lives lives mattering. mattering. I I see see dead dead people people voting. voting. The The Trump Trump Administration's filed lawsuits in several battleground states where the results to close some of the states include Nevada in Pennsylvania, or Biden pulled ahead after mail in ballots were counted.

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