Aaron Rodgers leads Packers past undermanned 49ers, 34-17


The forty Niners have been injury plagued and also had four players on the code nineteen lists as a result the Packers steamrolled the forty Niners thirty four to seventeen Aaron Rodgers was twenty five of thirty one for three hundred and five yards and four touchdowns with a rating of one hundred and forty seven point two that's the NFL in twenty twenty I'm see they've got hit with the injury bug a lot to a lot more than you see but it's still still football still feels great to win there's going to be six in two and a half way point person vision divine say Adams had ten catches for a hundred and seventy three yards and a touchdown Nick Mullins struggled at times but finished twenty two of thirty five for two hundred ninety one yards and threw a forty one yard touchdown pass to Richie James junior Riley on Santa Clara

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