Scientists pulled off a COVID-19 vaccine in 'warp speed' time


Doses of the Corona virus vaccine are already on their way. Okay, Yw Charlotte, Reese explains. The shipment process, though, is quite the logistical effort. This week alone, three million doses of visors vaccine will be spread spread across across the the country. country. We We want want to to ensure ensure the the vaccine vaccine arrives arrives safely. safely. And And that that it it could could be be effectively effectively administer. administer. Once Once arrival arrival occurs. occurs. U U S S Army Army General General Gus Gus Purna Purna Overseas Operation Warp speed. It is so important that all vaccine that's available is utilized as a shot in an arm. And nothing is wasted. This is our sole focus every single day every waking minute that we have each box The vaccines are shipped in will be equipped with a Bluetooth device and dry ice to keep it cold. The Bluetooth devices will track the location and temperature. UPS is handling the shipment's on the East Coast and at Philly International Airport. The U. S marshals have an eye on the gates, health care workers and those a long term care facilities could be rolling up their sleeves this week, Charlotte Reese, Ky. W News radio and KY. Double use medical editor Dr Brian McDonough says you should remember there are risks with any inoculation. I think it's really important. We have transparency and that's what we're getting. Remember, We don't know everything. The scientists don't know everything They believe this is safe. They've looked at those who may be at risk Those who may not, and for instance, under 16. They're not recommending the vaccine. They're looking at those who have been tested, and that's the way to do this. Are they making promises? Absolutely not. But based on the information we have, and the time we've looked at the studies and with knowledge that most side effects and problems usually occur in a two month window, we know we're past that, and we can at least safely say for the vast majority of people. The benefit. Outweighs the risk. Doctor. Madonna is urging people to keep up with the measures to prevent spread. You should wear your mask and, of course, practice social distancing. And yes, wash your hands.

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