Trump Campaign Tapes Voters at Drop Boxes in Philadelphia


Campaign campaign has has taken taken video video of of voters voters at at drop drop boxes boxes in in Philadelphia. Philadelphia. They They say say this this is is an an effort effort to to find find wrongdoing. wrongdoing. But But the the attorney attorney general general says says this this may may rise rise to to the the level level of of voter voter intimidation intimidation here. Whatever used Tim Jimenez is that City Hall this morning. He joins us live with more on this morning to him. Good morning. Carol and the drop box here outside City Hall, in particular, is the subject of the Trump campaign complaint. In a letter to the city commissioners, campaign, attorney Linda Kern says on the 14th campaign representative filmed three voters. Putting two or three ballots in the drop box here, she writes. They believe this this just just the the tip tip of of the the iceberg. iceberg. When When it it comes comes to to people people doing doing this, this, bringing bringing more more than than one one ballot, ballot, they're they're demanding demanding unmanned unmanned drop drop boxes boxes and and Philly Philly be be taken taken away away or or more more restrictions restrictions and and surveillance surveillance be put in place. A city attorney wrote back, rejecting the claim that any law was broken in Pennsylvania. You do have to bring your own ballot. But there are exceptions, like if the other ballots are for those who are disabled or needs some kind of assistance. At least in the three examples from the Trump campaign. There is no proof that the voters did or did not have any valid reason to do so. Attorney General Josh Shapiro he's warning that campaign filming Maybe voter intimidation. The Trump campaign argues news crews. They filmed drop boxes of people there, so this is no different. Officials here in this state and the FBI director Carole They have said that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. All

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