Mouthwashes And Nasal Sprays (MM #3501)


The Maisonette with Kevin Nation like many people I spend a lot of time reading news about covid-19 on the internet looking for the highs the lows the UPS power all the truth in the false news. And the one thing I'm seeing lately a lot of universities are doing studies on mouthwashes and nasal sprays and how effective they can be at helping combat the coronavirus they don't make it going away, but they can possibly knock the coronavirus out. If you come in contact with it have a buddy who works PR for one of these nasal spray companies and I know somewhere I think is the University of Utah are Utah State doing research on a nasal spray called ex Slayer which can he come back covid-19 as well now news coming out of Pennsylvania doing research on antiseptics and mouthwashes that can fight coronavirus Listerine Crest pro-health and equate antiseptic mouthwash plus CBS and except with wash all highly effective had in activating infectious virus has like the coronavirus up to 99.9% within minutes upon contact right now anything that helps us all get back to normal quicker. I think we better for all of us wouldn't wage.

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