A Look At The Last Presidential Debate


Last night in Nashville us, President Donald, trump, and the man who hopes to replace him former vice. President Joe Biden debated for the second and final time. In this presidential campaign, it did meet the unexacting challenging challenge Rav of being a less rigidly undignified spectacle than the previous encounter between the candidates portions of it indeed could almost have been mistaken for some sort of discussion of. Policy but did we learn anything from it and is really imaginable that it changed any minds or moved any needles on joined for a thorough examination of last night shenanigans by Monaco's news editor Chris Chumash and US election correspondent, Thomas Lewis, and Chris. First of all to you in the studio of what if anything stuck out for you this time last time it was all about the bickering and name calling what was this one about so to start. With it was simply the news is that there was no not as much and name calling as last time. Frankly I wish we could have three debates like last night's it was actually a substantive debate with quite strong policy differences exposed between the two that were interesting and it also what I what struck me was it signalled how the parties, how both parties have really shifted stances in a couple of different ways. So there was some. Interesting exchanges, for example, even on on foreign policy, which we hadn't heard before on North Korea where trump for example lauded the fact that he had met with North Korea's leader Biden was the one to say you know he would only meet with the North Korean leader if they were preconditions attached, this is a complete reversal compared to Obama and the way that Republicans tend to be the tough one saying they wouldn't meet with leaders in the past. Racism was an interesting discussion on race as well. We're both sort of showed how much the country has shifted by both sort of highlighting the fact that they actually want to be. Put to put it in one way a bit softer on on crime to to be a bit softer particularly on drug crimes things like that that you know in the nineties the US took a very tough stance on and put a lot of black Americans behind bars both sort of highlighted their software. Abilities here in order in order to to cater to that to confront racism in the country. So there are some interesting policy shifts that I found in. Thomas what do you ascribe that difference in tone of this debate to worthy to candidates president trump in particular I guess. Taking a deliberately different approach or had they been backed into it by the changes in format? I think was the certain certainly Andrew. An element of being deliberate by Donald trump particularly because I think it's played so badly for him last time around during this railroading performance that we saw in Cleveland Ohio the start Tobe. So I think it was intentional. On his part and on Joe Biden's parts to I think the intention was to really just hammer home that the failings in the United States that moment essentially trump's fault and trying to tack every little element of it back onto the president as being unable to be an effective leader I thought Donald. Trump, was the one. Who really started coming back to his own talking points and I thought there were two or three kind of quite clear lines there I thought it was clear that Donald Trump was trying to portray himself as this kind of insurgent outsider. Once again, like we saw in twenty sixteen, which struck me as quite. Weird because he has been president for four years of course but it seemed to work for him last time and I think that's something he's not grasping for to try and cement his support within his base. We also saw him try to bring in Joe Biden's son. Hunter. Bite. and have been some fatty sort of suspicious revelations as an emails that actually many people now believe Iraqi the work of disinformation players but he brought that up several times and I, thought the. Moderator Kristen Welker ABC News She did actually pretty well to allow people to respond to the more outrageous things either candidate was saying, but she didn't let that dominates and I thought that really let the debate itself thing really. Well, let's troy rewarding the behavior. He wished to see more of our ye sensible discussion of actual policy. We have a couple of clips from the candidates they talked about immigration. This was what president trump had to say her children are brought here. By coyotes and lots a bad people cartels and they're brought here and they used to use them to get into our country. We now have a stronger borders we've ever had. We're over four hundred miles of brand new wall uc see the numbers and we let people in, but they have to come in legally and they come in through. WAS President Trump for Chris returning to basically the talking point with which he launched his campaign for president in the first place, which was the the specter of mass illegal immigration teaming over the Rio Grande is it still working for him? Well, I think that was what made this interesting because as as he say, immigration has sort of fallen down the list of priorities of concerns of Americans over particularly the last year of course for. Obvious. Reasons the economy taking taking center stage. This sort of exchange between Biden and trump was very interesting for that because it brought it back into the four reminded people perhaps of other things that have happened in Donald Trump's presidency. This clip particularly was about the fact that there are still some five hundred children that have not been able to find their parents. After having been separated at the border. So this was a very frank conversation, a challenge to Donald Trump to talk about his policy, but it was also something that he seemed unapologetic about quite happy to have this discussion because I think as you say, immigration is a topic that launched his campaign. It's been an important topic. He argues that he got the border. Under, control he did also make an interesting common that people could still come legally which I found somewhat interesting as well because it shows that perhaps even he is recognizing you know in many ways this debate, he was a little bit softer and less inflammatory in his rhetoric. Then he has been in the past he did though have also a bizarre. Remark a bit talking just about the children of the border saying, well, they're in very good conditions. They're they're in clean rooms So there's some strange. They're definitely some strange remarks within this but yes, I encourage people to listen to the immigration exchange. Well, this is what Joe Biden had to say on the same subject he's five hundred plus kids came with parents. They separated them at the border to make a disincentive to come to begin with. Bay Real. Tough. We're really strong and guess what they cannot not coyotes didn't bring them over their parents were with them they got separated from their parents. And it makes us a laughing stock in violates every notion of who we are as a nation. Tony swear eleven days out from polling date. Now, obviously, as we know, tens of millions of Americans have voted already, which makes the but the third, slightly less climactic than it may have been in previous years but they're all too contrasting visions. The candidates were trying to pitch here I mean Joe Biden to appropriate the talking point of Value Republican president is is clearly pitching the kinder gentler nation isn't he? He is absolutely and I think. They're actually was as Chris mentioned part of a section where Joe Biden really was really very well, he was interrupted a few times by Dominic shrimp, but he really kept his own and he really came across incredibly forcibly about sort of how opponent idea in principle separating telling children away from patterns at the border really is I that does plays and you say into his this idea that's. Donald. Trump is this sort of aloof man who lives in his own bubble whereas Joe Biden someone and he kept making this point over and over again he kept saying that I don't care if you vote for me if you don't vote for me blue states red state. That's not how I see the United States and I think that was quite effective. Donald trump didn't really seem to. Be He did soften lots of elements of his answers on some topics Chris alluded to but he wasn't really I'd be surprised if legions of new voters now come into Donald Trump's because of his performance last might think we've with Joe. Biden. He did paint nuanced detailed picture of of kind of this person of empathy and in the sort of different nuances in ways that that unfolds through him. And through his agenda for president so I think as you say, the fact that so many people this record number of people have voted or ready that probably does take the steam out a little bit of just how consequentialist debate was last night when we talk because he did at the start about needles moving and and big sort of campaign bombshells happening this late stage I'm not sure. It would have had affect last night, Thomas Lowest Chris show Mac. Thank you both very much for joining us.

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