Ep. 243: How to Improve Cultural Competence in Dermatology and Skincare with Dr. Susan Taylor

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Our podcast Oh. Yes. Yes. If you're just jumping into this episode, the episode right before that recorded a couple of days ago was our emily in Paris. Jamboree. Yes exactly. and now we're GONNA get back into some science. So my how Ya? This is like where you thrive. We have Dr Susan Taylor a dermatologist and professor of dermatology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. So I I met her years ago at because she well, she's the head of the skin of Color Society but NBD should also founded it, and that group has been such an amazing resource of news and information for Jessen I over the years it's just they put on these media events they share information they always. Have Resources for you doctors to talk to if you're in the media PS for finding media friends out there hit ups Dr Susan Towel Taylor any earlier this year I saw her name on an academic paper. She Co authored titled Multi-ethnic Training in residency, which was basically a survey of doctors in training, and they were asking about whether or not. They felt prepared by their schooling and textbooks to treat patients with skin color. What a fascinating topic so Jessen, I thought it would be really great to have her come on talk about that, and also discuss other issues of systemic racism in the practice of dermatology. Just a side note if you're interested in hearing more about skin lightening products, which is topic touch on here in the episode coming up, you might WanNa go back to episode to fifteen. We also discussed this with a Michelle long of. La Yes. Yes. Yes. Just like a little you know an added an added something to this conversation if you want to hear more. Yeah, this is this is why I think it's so important to get so many different perspectives on tackling ya there. There's no one definitive answer to these like really hot button topics it's not like it is written. It's everyone has their own viewpoints and that's what I love about the show. Absolutely. Just you couldn't be more right and really excited to hear Dr Taylor's perspective. So here's the interview.

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