Perez Hilton Confesses He Hooked Up With John Mayer

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After years of slamming celebrities, Perez Hilton says he has some serious regrets, but he's also up a ton of new trouble. No surprise in his new memoir my life and scandal says he regrets hurting so many people with his website but that's not stopping him from making new planes about celebrities according to page six who got an early look at the book Peres writes about his on and off friendship with Lady Gaga he accuses her of using him to get back at her caters. He says God I didn't ask him to write nasty things about people but quote by moaning to me she made me feel like, i. her best friend. Should do something about it. He also says they stopped talking after an interview he did with her in two thousand eleven and eventually Gago called him a creepy stalker. It's good. All right and that is not all Peres also talks about hooking up with John Mayer in a tooth out in in in two thousand seven in a club. So that was for you years. Later, John did. Admit to kissing Peres during an interview with playboy, we reached out to John and dog for comment but have not heard that that was a lot to unpack you lots of reading. Let me ask you this. Do you think for as truly regret saying that things that he did. Are you man, you're the only person who has not made. This. Point by the way I, don't understand how this man is literally like every gender and I could make one small suggests into Bob Saggy. He's not interested in I said, okay. Well, that's cool. Now pissed about it it's ridiculous. And now it's too late. He'll go anywhere at anytime but unfortunately, not for you Morgan Stewart's. Because taken off the market. Will now I'm very now there's two of US know literally. I feel bad for them because I feel like Mario is one person. He's very nice. He's very you know deep and I think Perez Hilton is a second person and I think what happens is Press Hilton started this website and started getting all this attention for all the nasty things that he said about celebrities and I think what happened after that was all these other websites you know started popping up and he Created the genre. People would be able to forgive them but they wouldn't be able to forgive them because he kinda was the birthplace of this nasty snotty as a situation

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