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Agent involved in the transaction. And if they have an aversion to working with that Realtor, you might have a very difficult time getting your offer accepted if you're a buyer or getting your house sold if you would sell it. So Pete, you have 35 years of real estate sales experience. That's a long time and during that time. You've met all sorts of different types of Realtors good ones and bad ones and in between jobs in your opinion. What's the best traits to find in a realtor? What are what are some things that are important to look out for number one? I would say is someone that's a good listener and how do you become a good listener? You become a good listener and by asking questions, so one Telltale tree figure out if someone's a good listener is when you first meet them or they representing to you or they broadcasting in a monologue about how great they are because if that's who they are. It's not likely that they're going to be a good list a good listener puts you first they take the time to do the intake research about what's important to you what your goals are what your concerns are and they take all of that into account and then make Come back with a custom crafted strategy and plan to help you reach your goals. The other thing that I recommend you watch out for is somebody that is proactive instead of reacted. So, what does that mean? Proactive people plan ahead and their experience so they can recognize a certain situation and guide their clients accordingly to prepare for what could happen or what might happen with agents that are reactive typically fly by the seat of their pants. They come in unprepared they set their clients up to to have a scenario where things can go wrong in their thoughts. No plan at something goes sideways. Another trade to look for is good time management. So one clue is is if your realtor is constantly showing up late or not showing up at all or not. Returning calls took pay a timely manner. Then that tells me that they have trouble managing their own time and they may not even respect your time and time is everything so good time management is critical somebody that's empathetic someone that can really feel what's important to you and understand where you're coming from that's absolutely imperative. You know, they're real estate transactions can be filled with anxiety typically involves people moving and the becoming involved with things that are unfamiliar with them the whole process and not knowing where you're going once you sell your home or not knowing what that next home was going to look like. Somebody that's pragmatic. So what does that mean? It means that you want to be working with somebody that's going to tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear em, because the stakes are high with a real estate transaction and you need to be counseled accordingly. So you may not necessarily like the council York, but it's typically good advice based on experience as opposed to sugar coating things and leading you down a path that's going to go now. We're you also need somebody that's flexible off States very fluid things can change from time to time market conditions can change overnight external events can happen that can require you to change your plan and strategy and time. So you have to have somebody that's flexible in codes you accordingly. Someone that's open-minded and creative a lot of solutions and problem-solving come from people that think outside the box and they come up with Creative Solutions that sometimes may not have that done before but it could be perfect for what your situation is. And then the other critical thing is a realtor that understands the duties of a fiduciary relationship to serve their clients. So if I do Sherry, that's the highest level of professional relationship status that you can have a similar to a doctor patient or an attorney-client relationship. And if they do Sherry has the utmost duty to provide confidentiality and put the needs of their client ahead of their own needs. Yeah, those are all really on point and and great traits to look out for I also tell people that besides everything that you just said, you know, they really should have to get along and like their realtor and trust them. There's a lot of trust involved in a big transaction like this and you have to really trust that your realtor is looking out for you and also sort of have a good rapport with them because you end up spending a lot of time with them and really trying to figure things out together. So I think it's important that you at the very least like your realtor. Well that liking is important but trust is probably the most important dynamic in a relationship whether it's a personal relationship or a business relationship off because of the trust isn't there with one or both parties. It's almost impossible to navigate through a transaction without issues coming up because of lack of trust, right and who wants to work wage? Somebody that they don't trust I can't think of anybody that does so why even get started if the trust isn't there exactly and oftentimes buyers and sellers might not trust each other in a transaction with that's understandable. But at least you have to trust your realtor that you're working with who is on your side and is is is really going to bat for you. That's right. And so if at any time during the relationship you feel that trust is eroding that's the time that you want to have a conversation with the realtor to see if you can

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