Sigma Prime with Mehdi Zerouali


Hey everyone my name's Matty I'm a CO founder and director of Sigma Prime We are an information security consultancy mostly based out of Australia being hiring a bunch of people all over the world lately. We've been around for about full years providing security assessment services to a lot of blockchain projects working. Almost exclusively lately on. Iridium. Providing security assessment on smart contracts on a lot of protocol. Layer developments. And I guess we are here to talk about Easter 'cause we are also the founders and maintainers of light hops arrest implementation of the. Two point plano specification thanks for having. A real quick. What would you say the? Technical advantage or differentiator lighthouse has over other there to. Invitations. a question question it. We that quite often we because of of the the company we're in information security consultancy we take security very seriously. We'd like to think that we've incorporated security into our development lifecycle very early on. So would like to think that our clients is probably one of the hopefully safest was secure clients out there it's written in Ross Ross is particularly fast. So the focus has also been on the fullness speeds and as I mentioned security So that's probably what differentiates from the rest of the other teams. Get a moment to pitch chill out to private the process of lighthouses. Good nells offended A. that. The approach here is the kind of. Break down the concept of theorem to what's going on and what users can expect so. I'm not exactly sure how I want to do this the the conversations going to naturally evolve I think but like if you had to give the. Highest of high. Level overviews of the transition from ethylene S to. Or just say. Okay. Let's have this. So, F one is the proof of work chain that we all love us and as you all probably know, the plan was always to transition to approve of stay consensus mechanism. So namely. Casper, if g so the research team has been working on this. If your foundation research you had been working on this for the past four, five, six years and mentors have been developing the. Specification, turning it into actual usable software. For the past two and a half years. The main difference as mentioned is the consensus mechanism. So moving away from proof of work, which is a quite a west full way of coming to consensus if you ask me. I know this can be quite polarizing community, but this is basically how Paul my co founder got started on Lighthouse I think ethereal currently uses as much electricity as Costa. Rica, if I'm not mistaken. And we think sigma prime. That is so. Much. Better ways of coming to consensus. And kost perfect is one of them. So super excited about the environmental impact of the transition from steak and this transition will happen gradually. we'll be shipping if to in various phases. So phase zero is the first phase that will be introduced hopefully a few weeks I a couple months. The latest set ladies year is what we're aiming for. and. This introduces consensus change. Right is introduces the proof of stake consensus mechanism Gasparilla Gene, and we essentially call these chain, the beacon chain, and you can see as this orchestrate. That gives the pulse of the network to Valley daters, giving them tasks, rewarding them when they do their job correctly. Penalizing them when they don't etc, etc.. That's phase zero. That's what I guess. All client teams are working on at the moment and. Phase One will hopefully come shortly up and phase one introduces shards, the concept of shod. So Ethier two point Oh will be shotted blockchain meaning that will have. Sixty four sub block changing see them as sort of independent blockchain's that are all linked and tides with each other through five that consensus mechanism in the beacon. Check. So. Once we have that will be effectively using those shards just as dot availability layers we won't. Have State transitions or users of smart contracts or transactions as we are all familiar with in if one that will come in light up so talks about phase one point five, which hopefully will. Get one into each to and have that as a separate dedicated shot. In face to. Will introduce I, guess proper state execution and smart contracts, and this is when will actually have a blockchain usable blockchain developers as we all relative with them when you hear him on. That makes sense.

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