BNB, BTC & ADA All Poised For High's


Had a bit of a bit of unlock yesterday, even it will not. Actually, found a little trade on bonnets. Yup a little one hour play and alarmed it up. This was a while goes ten o'clock Before bed actually and Yeah. I wanted to get. Fifteen hundred contracts or something like that on Bonnets Filling seventeen. Now it has run on to do well a one to one and you know I'd I'd have my first target hit. I am still along with tried united such a such A. Tiny position the toddler with, but markets are starting to move slyly bitcoin. Now, ten, thousand, seven, hundred, non different of course, low lost weight down to a low of ten, thousand, three, hundred and seventy-five up to the weekly chart right now there is another rejection candle it's not the most bullish candles in the most bearish channel everything I have said lost wake is very much still live to die tapping that I gotta get US above eleven thousand, two hundred really to see this trend continue. Progressing Hi this could potentially see US high low On the daily by Snyder's lawyers all loss week, ten, three, seven, five if we would break up now through ten, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty three that would be the first of the higher highs in this trend. Now, I will still hold out for eleven to or might be trading on the way off to that weekly wise well closed down but only one. percent closing at ten, thousand, six, hundred, seventy, four dollars represents by role as has been relatively Saad wise move onto a theory of knowledge is also had awake the didn't do all that well down one point full three percent again, not much really going on and what can the charts tell me well a guy on a break up above three seventy, one goal. That way we would have allies and I hire Hawk confirmed in there were three, hundred, fifty, four dollars and seventy three cents right now not looking too much is going on one of the big movies however has been next I'll pay of six point five percent yesterday closing the week out well off yet it was up closer to twenty four point seven cents up one point, eight, seven percent and today to the dot as well. It's up two point one, one percent where twenty five dollars and three cents at. Tell you what does inau speed of movement is just straight up in the air right now not really that tribal unless you're looking at boost trades in which case high. Be Onto something there. It keeps on pushing on the first autopsy tend to really push into that's uptrend as did break up through the high of twenty four point. Five cents. When they have a high low and I hire some extra thirty lodging it up more than in the US thus five. Come to Bitcoin cash look it sitting at two hundred and twenty two point. One five percents to die the loss wake down three point six percent closing at two hundred twenty, one dollars, five cents eight still remains one of the average shots out there. But I'll tell you what we get above two, thirty, four, nautical 235. and. We will have a high. At a higher hard to go with that. So beekeeping laugh that the wake last week we did see lot Quinn actually closed up. One point three full percent because the wake up at forty, six dollars and seventy three cents not so much more to speak of really on that John. A couple of weeks a couple of all sorts on that if we can get ourselves about forty dollars fifty, we will have a high low in the higher higher, the home market starting to look like this. Is Ever be as we can get ourselves above one eight. Hundred, seventy cents will have a high heart a guy with that. Currently, we're at one, hundred, sixty, three, thirty, I lost week we closed down five point six percent closing a one, hundred, sixty dollars and ninety seven cents not. Really to be honest with you there. While the NAS looking shots currently out there in play at the mummies cod Donna and the reason I say that is because we have a very clear potential. Day at potential, high or low, and that highlight comes in the form of two point, nine, seven cents I want to see a break above ten point seven. Ten point seven cents gives us a very clear high or low in high high, which will sustain hopefully progressed highs as progressive high highs and more upside lost weight would add four, point, three, six percent. We are starting to gain a little bit of momentum were non twenty, nine, three cents two point seven point four percent on the day to die dowse fires. Trends Guy Look bonds as one of those trends at ease in motion does look strong and the last couple of days is put on a good six six percent does. Comedy starting at Twenty Nine dollars, and twelve cents up point seven, three percent on the Diet was lost weight that I was impressed. We saw the week prior having only closed down point six, five percent but at one stage we were down. Twenty to twenty, I forget the without closing at twenty six sixteen. So very big rejection of those lows. Now Lost Weight, we saw ten point five percent gains placed on bond answers well, closing twenty dollars and ninety one sense. It's above twenty nine dollars right now, and it does look very, very strong. It is a market as I said that I've been looking for trading opportunities and there have been several now that was the one last night. It was another one this morning around that town I am monkey may have found an opportunity. There is one of. Those trade boost tries well, it's GonNa be there for you as well very nauseating market there on Bonnets I will do what she that throughout the waking for more opportunity

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