Spittin' Chiclets: Featuring Stanley Cup Champions Alex Killorn and Pat Maroon


About confident free agents Biz while. Tab Maroon is once again an unrestricted free agent after winning back to back cups and I think we should send it over to him for his unique perspective on winning cup. Let's do it tied Maroon folks. Joy. now come on now is just the third guy of the expansion era to go back to back Stanley Cup champions with two different teams. He wanted of course last year at Saint. Louis. And he wanted again on Monday with the Tampa. Bay Lightning. Any certainly appears to be having one hell of a time celebrating down in Tampa congratulations on Stanley Cup number two, and thanks for joining us on spitting chocolates. Patty Maroon. Extra I appreciate it. Thanks Boys Arrived what an intro it's been a crazy couple few days as you can tell through my voice but. I still can't believe it. I it. It's nice to see you shared on first off. I thought there was no chance. You weren't to keep that going for the pod going to take it off, take it off of start. It off right but. You're speaking to your body. I heard you were having a sumo wrestling way offs with Ovechkin in the fucking. What's happened there? Who who had their? known everyone had me and and. I mean it was it was honestly what tonight that was to like. Doing way off with Ob and you know said there. Now of other boys I, mean it was not man like the whole the whole time. So it's good to hang out with those guys and actually have a couple of drinks get their personalities. Just who would ever thought I mean yourself. Acoustic. Saint Louis and to bring a cop to your hometown, and then you're you're not resigned which I trip them the other day I said, what we signed this guy fucking signed for nine hundred Tampa right like Jesus Christ but I digress. But then you go over to Tampa you've new John Cooper fifteen years ago whenever it was like just take me through your thought process on everything that's happened. If you really not even had the time to sit back and think about how special this has been. I mean I've had time but as you guys know the last. Few Days I've been. Pardons grank it. I've been bamboo go myself a couple days. So no I mean I had time. I mean when Kook got the call and he? When he called me, I got the call from it was you know he was like, Hey, what are you thinking about coming to Tampa let me talk to joy on Jimmy. Call Conversation with some other teams in the work but until then I wanted to go to a team that I wanted to win on and. And I thought Tampa. What they went through last year was I thought I can help their locker room I'm not going to help them on the scoresheet every single night but I know I can help them stick out from their teammates they can play a little bigger you know like Kuch can play bigger Tyler Johnson Stammer, Polat they can all play bigger and feel comfortable they have no No someone that can protect them that knew that a group That one at all and and I know I had history with winning Kooks. So was just icing on the cake. So I think he needed is good luck charm to win that cup for. You're too modest about the scoresheet thing because you're picking off sauce in the final game a mid air in the neutral zone. How good that one feel That felt good. How? Those are some Sekhmet Sarah, you look like, Kucherov on every single fucking bad pass that goes around him. He's like he's like the video game. If you just put it in his vicinity, he's going to find a way to get it on a stick in order to make a play. That guy is ridiculous. Kucherov in when he's in warm ups. Going like sixty percent and then that's a game. percent. Sean areas give me a shout out to about my stick. So. I can't complain about that. Now I mean fuck I don't know I black out there they go ahead my hands up in their bitching at the bench is you're telling me to get off and I was. Still made the places like shut up I know how long should be here. This long enough best partners I thought Volkov. It his first game and I was going nuts. Now's like who scored that I go to the pilots Coleman I was like Oh shit maybe I should have changed. Unreal that we've talked to other guys about the day to day aspect of the bubble and obviously you guys one in a great view guys. But how challenging did a gift? Not necessarily you but just the daily day to day grind of every day the same thing over and over again. I'm in it was a grind for sure. Are I think the problem is like? I'm so used to. An old but I'm used to leave an anthony every single year obviously the year before stayed in St Louis but I always used to being away from family. And I know some guys were asking me questions you know what it's like and it's GonNa hit home for you when you're two weeks and then a month and in a bubble that. You're a month and a half man and your family you can't see your kids and. And then when you get into. Yourself closer to the Stanley. Cup or the conference finals here trying to get your family Americans can't come in, but the Canadians can. Kinda sucks, and but we came together as a group during that whole time Toronto. We had Polka Ball. We had We had tennis courts. We had a pool outdoor We had like five restaurants. We had the beam oldfield where you can go over and play Spike Ball. Soccer football play catch. You know there's kind of a bar outside there's a restaurant open there at five o'clock. So we had we had thanks to do and trial. Then when you got the advertisement was kind of. The we call it the prison yard, which it wasn't, but it was a cement concrete where you can tell why guys in Edmonton were struggling probably more than the guys who? got the free ice caps. So I heard. Horton's. Best the. A free double doubles in the front. And So yeah, I mean it was. It was tough at times for sure when you're sitting there grinding your way, but we're fortunate to have a good team. So we never felt like we were out of it and I know you guys touched on a bit like when the teams down three one, three two or you kinda thrown in the towel just to get home like we didn't have that feeling we had a feeling. We're like we were wedding every single game and we're never done in this series resides in Boston down beside besides Dallas and so we always knew we'd find a way so. We're going home mentality attitude we came together. You know obviously. You guys know hotels you you. You have a few drinks, but it's Kind of hanging out and you really don't have anyone Cannellino beside yourself and your body is at your part of the team. So you kind of have to make make ends meet and I thought we did a good job with that.

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