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All right, here we go to Houston, where we might have a problem games. Texans. You gotta stop with you. So we might have a problem thing. It's overdone. You've done it twice in a show. I mean, we're 30 minutes in used to. Well, approval. Can I tell you what the problem is? Just say you're better not I love you. I love you. You're better than Dalvin Cook a five yard touchdown run. That means Minnesota leads right now Seven and nothing over the Texans late in the first quarter. And I'm telling you, Dalvin Cook is going to come alive today. And I think the Vikings Maybe today's they finally get that win because you think so. I don't know a bad run defense for Texas. It's a bad rush offense for the taxes, but I think I would take I don't know. I I would take Shawn Watson over Kirk cousins. This is just a tough one. Of course you would. Who couldn't take the shot Watson over Kirk cousins, but to Shawn Watson doesn't have any target. It's like how good are you going to throw the ball? We got willful are out there. Have a little bit of fuller two weeks ago and no targets. It's just I just last week he did. It's how you're on. Lee is good. As the guys you can throw make place, too, and he doesn't. There's holes on both defense is and there's a soft defense with the Vikings. It's a poor run defense with the Texans. The stars that can capitalize on that will capitalize on that Calvin Cooke is doing holding serve Don't where we expected him to do. What is diss on Watson and those targets going to do against this? Awful secondary for the Vikings. And what is Kirk cousins going to do to try and mitigate the fact that the shot Watson is a far superior quarterback? I think if this becomes a game where points are being put up? Advantage. Texans Vikings can't keep up in that regard, They simply can't know. But let me remind you this about Houston last week. They did not score in the second half against the Steelers. That's not good. They need to come out early and they need to play well, early on. All right. Here we go. A Mari Cooper 20 yard touchdown catch that puts Dallas 47 right now in the first quarter. Oh, it's just so if you have a Marquis Cooper on your fantasy team. Good for you Don't hear any cuttings from our producers. But Saray right now, Braun's field. He's like, Relax. I got a lot going on. Also even update with Baltimore who needs a bounce back game in a big way. Mark Ingram punches it in from the one yard line on the one yard line that gives the Ravens of seven. Nothing lead under two minutes in the first quarter. They're playing the Washington football team. That's a quick little drive for them. They're at the Washington football team. The Ravens right now up seven. Nothing in Jordan. This needs to be A big day for the Baltimore Ravens last week against Kansas City. They were embarrassed. They were outcoached. They I mean, the two quarterbacks that were on display. Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes balled out. Lamar Jackson struggled. Yeah, I just looked. The only The only team that has his number in regular season is the chief's three losses out of his foreign regular season coming to them. You've got to be a guy that can put that in the rear view mirror, go out there and continue to handle business. Mahomes has already proven in his young career that he's going to go down as one of the all time greats if he keeps on somewhat of the path that he's on Lamar can't get too caught up with keeping up with the Joneses. He's the reigning M V P. He's a guy. He's the dude they're going gets a team that is not nearly as talented. And he just got there and handle business. All is not lost its loss. If you get caught up in the fact that am I. As good as Patrick Mahomes are my Ravens where the Chiefs are. Don't worry about somebody else's got there and handle yours. I'm perfectly okay with the place the Ravens around right now. They'll be far. Yeah, I hear you and the Ravens. You know that deal? I may likes to blitz and against Patrick Mahomes. The chief didn't didn't really work out. So maybe they get back to what they do. You know this week against the Washington football team that defense starting a blitz a little bit there trying to just get back to their same identity. Also, just a little note here in terms of the Washington football team, Ron Rivera did have to miss practice this week on Wednesday to receive us that's scheduled treatment he left early on Thursday because he wasn't feeling well. I just continue to be impressed with the way Jack Del Rio is taking over for Ron Rivera the way they have just kind of seamlessly gone about. This is Ron Rivera gets treatment for cancer this season and continues to coach and I am just impressed with him, and I know the Washington football team doesn't have a lot of winds to show for it, but they definitely have a different identity. That fighter kind of identity that they've taken, and I'm thinking it's because of their head coach. It's because their head coach, but ultimately it's a It's a Q B driven league and Dwayne Haskins has a completion percentage of hovering around 56%. That's the lowest amongst all cubes. Start three game that is not good, so is young and he's still learning and there's been a lot of turnover. There's been a lot of turnover within that organization. He's been set up to fail thus far. He's giving ample opportunity now to grow. You need to start to see that growth. Okay? Fair enough, Jordan Houston, We have a problem. Not again. Texans

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