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You're looking for on Vdi or my team people that are creators, video and picture people, designers, and animators, or creators or. illustrators or whatever you are. Do you make pictures and videos and right words and come up with ideas for things that sound we're looking for creators and less about brand the more about selling DNA. So if I had to sell wine were sneakers, get it now or clients if they needed a conversion, have you done creative copy or design or video for Cumbrian be? These people that have actually bought something not awareness not brand sales DNA in your creativity. If you have, there's a link in my profile now profile profile now. So you can join our team hopes you in halls at least the virtual holes. This is the Gary v Audio. Experience. Fran mines presents the business summit Jerry Painter, Chuck. Berry Nice to see you man welcome to brand minds. I've seen three years ago when I met you and you inspired me to to create content for for enterpreneurs and so so thank you and welcome back. Thank you for having me. I'm so honored to be here in congratulations pulling off this incredible virtual event. Thank you very much for everything you are doing for for disadvant- and for for the entire enterpreneurial community in the in the world. So we'll have fifty five minutes of questions and I have fifteen to twenty questions for you that will squeeze lot value from you for our excited audience. They waited for you the whole day you are the head of the line for today. This is the last meeting so I will read them one by one to be specific and explicit if you're ready, we can start. Ready. Okay. Cool. So let's start with business and I will keep some personal questions at audience first question in business area. What is the main strategy to leverage the business growth in? COVID. Nineteen crisis. So I think. The first thing that people have to look at is being self aware and really understanding what they can or cannot accomplish during this time obviously if you're a restaurant. Or a concert venue or something of that nature. It's going to be very difficult for you to salvage the situation on the flip side. If you're a restaurant that can go to local delivery or a conference that can go to digital and virtual. You can, and so I think the biggest thing is to not dwell about what has happened and what you cannot do and really really really focused on what you can do and what you can do about it and so for me. What is your product and service? How is it actually been affected by Cova? And how do you then take advantage of the new world we live in whether that's creating a direct to consumer ecommerce situation whether that is. Creating a new product that services the market there has been clothing brands that have started manufacturing masks. So to me, it's about adjusting to the reality and I noticed from a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of them have. Cried about the situation and the problem is that doesn't change the situation. So self awareness and and innovation are really the two pillars. are going to help people and then, and then the other thing is and I'm sure we'll get into questions around this. What is your content and media strategy for the Internet at this time through but you know innovation at some point could be. In a way disturbing because even this event, no one seen a set like this is like you it's like is being recorded is is it's so so live and so reach of information that is. Now in this period, it can be in a way. Difficult for people to understand the the ten steps in innovation that you are doing because that's the thing that is happening right here in Brenneman. So what about this? What about if this crisis and this Kobe nine hundred? Generate maybe a leap of innovation that is too much for for the consumer. The consumer is king. So. I don't even. I appreciate your reaction. I don't I'm blown away by people who try to fight against the consumer. You, people, innovate, I've been. Silicon Valley start up. Social media digital media for a very long time and everybody was always innovating around me and. When I watched entrepreneurs get mad at the customer for not adopting. I'll give you a good example qr codes. I had so many entrepreneurs seven years ago working on Qr Code Innovation. And when they were struggling after two years, they were blaming the customer these idiots they don't know what to do with it. They don't get how good it is. And I said. That is the most asinine way to think about a problem in business. The customer's always right is true you if to your point if we over innovate during this time? If people overreact to KKOB and say Oh my God everyone's nobody's going into the office ever again. We have to everything virtual. I'm going to bet my whole life on just just virtual. They'RE GONNA lose because it's going to be a mix it's going to be a mix and so. For me. That's why I laughed when you when you said that you know like there's only the customer to be. Sure, and. Keeping in mind that we are passing through this period with covid nineteen what are the top three qualities of an entrepreneur now in this area that we are just starting? I think the characteristic sort of the top three characteristics. Always I actually think we're starting to see the other side of entrepreneurship. Now you know over the last decade, it's been so easy and people for God's so much money. So such great economies so much money being printed so much money being deployed I think people lost their way. I think people got confused and so for me. This is a game of very simple. Real long-term truths for example. An entrepreneur is somebody who looked covert and corona virus. And and went immediately into action to address whatever Boehner abilities she or he had. An entrepreneur was really tested during this time. This was a very real thing and most people just have been dealing with Rosey colored glasses and situation. So. Entrepreneurs always ready to be the last line of defense she is an he is somebody that is always ready to innovate. One

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