Cut the cord for $10? It can be done

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Cutting the cord used to be a great way to cable TV and save lots and lots of money. Then the big companies jumped in and muck it up. In two, thousand, seventeen youtube came in with a sweet offer most of your favorite cable TV channels, no equipment rental contracts it just thirty five dollars monthly since pretty great right? Well, that didn't last long in two, twenty, twenty, the platform raised its rates to sixty five dollars monthly. So this week when t mobile said it too had a cutting the cord package for ten dollars a month while I was all ears. The plus if you like channels like AMC HALLMARK MTV Nickelodeon, you'll love T. mobile's vibe offering because that's all it costs one Alexander Hamilton. But if you want Dvr they'll cost you an extra five dollars monthly and if he can't live without sports news and some local channels like NBC, ABC and Fox that's forty dollars monthly Oh, and you need to be a subscriber to t mobile sprint for rising in a t and t customers are not eligible. The point is that t mobile is come closer to the great dream of Ala Carte TV which customers have been dreaming of yours why do I need to subscribe to a bloated cable TV bundle with all those channels that I don't want? So how does it compare to the rivals? Let's take a closer look Filo. This streaming service that specializes in entertainment sand sports and news had been the lowest price of the Cable TV alternatives at twenty dollars monthly it offers twice the number of channels is vibe with channels like discovery, a an animal planet that you won't see with T. Mobile and no charge for dvr. Sling rates start at thirty dollars monthly but signing up can be confusing. With some channels offered in a blue package, which includes CNN Anne and others and orange ESPN for thirty dollars monthly plus five dollars for Dvr service from there you've got at and T. now in Hulu with live TV at fifty five dollars monthly or Youtube TV and Fubo, which specializes in sports at sixty five dollars monthly meanwhile that more expensive t vision from. T.. Mobile, which sells for forty dollars does include NBC ABC and Fox local channels. No CBS. That's one more network than is available with sling, which only has the local NBC and Fox Channels, and unlike sling t vision bundles all the sports and news into one package. Meanwhile speaking of cutting the cord have you heard that Netflix's also planning to raise its rates? The most popular plan which leads subscribers watch in high Def on two screens at the same time has increased by a dollar to fourteen bucks up from twelve ninety, nine monthly for new subscribers while the premium plan which a sixteen dollars which lets you watch up the forest green's with ultra eighty will now cost eighteen dollars time to cut this court to

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