Trump and the GOP Campaign Against Reality


The president and his allies decided on closing message for the final days of the campaign wine about social media pretend the pandemic is over for more on this. It's time for a closer look. There's a lot you can say about Donald Trump's inner circle and the leadership of the Modern Republican Party. But when you boil it down, it's basically just a collection of shy can't take Weirdos. Then people who collect ceramic pigs in sit by their windows writing down license plate numbers for no reason take for example House Minority Leader Kevin, McCarthy. You showed up to one of trump's rallies yesterday claimed republicans are going to take back the House McCarthy then belched up this I think English sentence about House Speaker Nancy, Pelosi a watch you watch Nancy Pelosi hand. And I promise you this. I won't thank her with it but I'll banged the into the socialism and yes to America. What No. I'll bang end to the socialism and yes to America, that sounds like a poorly translated leaflet dropped on Moscow during the Cold War why all these guys talk like rip off dollar store. Action. Figures made in. Eastern Europe. Your grandma will get you for Christmas. Oh Wow. It's a fuzz goodyear. Let me pull the string. The leaders of the hundred gop beer. Basically just a bunch of goofy old buds. I said it pods. Take a guy is still working at your hometown bowling alley thirty years after high school because he gets free disco fries blessed all the shoe sporadic and huff and that is a lot. For example Republicans held a hearing on big tech companies yesterday just to complain about supposed social media. Bias against conservatives which it's not thing. Now, there are progressives like Elizabeth Warren Tonight's guest, Bernie Sanders you really do want to break up big tech monopolies that have consolidated too much power but Republicans just WanNa. whine about mean tweets they don't like the best example of that came from Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson when he complained about an obviously satirical tweet this Dorsey. You talked about your house toward misinformation and then you will you will block misinformation if it's about against civic integrity election interference or voter suppression give you a tweet. There was put up on twitter says Senator Ron. Johnson is my neighbor in strangle our dog buttons right in front of my four year old son and three year old daughter the Keith refused to investigate. This is a complete line, but important to retreat and note that there are more my lies to come. How could that not be a violation voice oppression? Obviously, if people think I'm strangling my neighbors. They may not show the polls that would be worse oppression and another thing Mr Dorsey last night by doorbell rang late at night. So went to answer when I opened the door there was a flame in bag APU on the front step. So I tried to stamp out the fire but I got poo all over my shoes this clearly enact the voter suppression by the Neighborhood Teens because if I pooh-poohed on my shoes, I'll be too embarrassed to go vote. The bigger problem here is Ron Johnson thinks his constituents might actually believe that he strangled his neighbor's dog and Yeah. Okay and kind of see it. With said. Jack Dorsey looks like a dog serial killer. Like straight up a guy who together multiple dogs. in Ron Johnson's corn chowder brain joke tweet about a senators voter suppression. But invalidating mail in ballots and making people wait hours to vote isn't he's like a guy parks is BMW in a fire lane then loses when his targets tone Boris Suppression How am I supposed to get to the polling place now and then there was Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn who asked the CEO of Google if the company was still employing someone who criticized her is a blight Lemoyne one of your engineers still working with you. Senator familiar with his name is a name as an employee I'm not sure these employees. well, he has had very unconscious things to say about me and I was just wondering if you all still. Kept him working they are man Fox News is right. Canceled Culture is out of control. She sounds like she's asking to speak to the manager about a sales assistant at Costco is Madison still working here. She had very unkind things to say about me when I tried to sample the pizza rolls in the frozen I'll very hurtful things about how I'm not supposed to open the box. This is a fundamental reality of the modern GOP they're all donald trump. He complains about social media they complain about social media even though most of them don't have the tech savvy to handle the laundry room bulletin board coffee, table for sale what the hell does Obioma this is unfair.

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