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Hello and welcome to another episode of the duct tape marketing podcast. This is John Chance. My guest today is Brandt menswear. He's an inspirational Speaker Award winning musician and author of a book. We're going to talk about today called black sheep unleash the extraordinary. Awe Inspiring undiscovered you. So Brandt welcome to the show. Thanks John Great to be back. I have to tell you missed a huge huge opportunity in the title I know what? You're going to see a work on the you're. GonNa say I should have said you with an e w well. Inspiring. would be amazing. In fact, I only your L. now if you want, I got it today. I love it. I thought about it and I'm like. Laugh me just straight out of the conference center if I come here with the how she how much she pun can somebody. You know another thing I thought as I was reading your your bio award winning musician I wonder how many? Of these speakers authors our. Music, I mean you did it professionally but music oriented or songwriters or I bet you, it's I. We were talked before I started recording I was talking to Henry he's actually songwriter and he said in his in his comments. He said, you know the older I get the less I need to know and I was like. country. Song right there. True. I'll tell you it was the hardest honestly the hardest shift. For me was was moving from writing songs to writing books because when you're writing songs. You know if you've got ten words in can say it in five you say in five and with a book, it's like if you can say intense say in twelve and make it make it a little more descriptive. It was top out for me. Yeah. So. Let's get right to the hardest part I. Think about this book is the you claim we've been lied to about purpose. I believe that the biggest lie we've been told about purpose is that it's something we find in. So many of us have spent decades. On this Indiana Jones like quest searching for our crystal skull and purpose and. It just is not true purposes. Something we choose and the question is, how do you make the right choice? and. That's really what this book is about. It helps you get started by choosing purpose in alignment with the things that matter most to you. Does away put more responsibility or accountability on. US. Like can't find my purpose I don't know what I'm supposed to do in life. That's like you gate on that for a few years ago. Yes. Idea that if I have to accept it I get to choose it will then on not. In the net SORTA harder. Well I mean you know at least in my experience, it's a fraction of a fraction of a percentage of people who have done the work to discover what they're non negotiable czar and can tell me what their lives purposes in one or two sink sentences and so. because. Of that, I'm very busy man. Thank God but but the truth is most of us are weighing it and and we've been successful winging yet. So why would we want to actually do some really hard work to see what's possible when we're comfortable where we are? Well and I would suggest by the way I I made a note here that I I loved your explaining of where the term winging. Comes from I was not familiar with that people waiting in the wings you know getting their lines actually to sub for somebody. In the wings. That make sense That's exactly right and that's how we've sort of adopted our lives. Now it's like I'm just GONNA I'M GONNA sit over here in the wings and when something's thrown at me I'll do the best I can in the moment but we don't actually learn our part well enough to not be looking at the words but what if it seems like we are I mean like you know I don't think people go yeah I'm just GonNa wing it for a while I, mean I think The. Best. I can you know I'm getting along here this seems like a good place to be right now I mean. How do you I mean where do you get the leverage then decided? Started I'm going to change I'm being intentional John. The way that I try to describe it, the people is being intentional is putting a destination in your gps that's being intentional. But knowing every turn, you're going to make between here and reaching your destination while that's acting with liberty intention, and there is a monumental difference between those two things. Can come back to that. But first I want you to explain to me why black sheep Obviously the title in you're talking about these being your core values there's a lot of negative associate with black sheep so Help me reconcile young couple hundred years worth of demonization why not put that in the tide I was forty seven years old when somebody finally explained to me the actual reason why black sheep or not valued like the rest of the flock by farmers and when I found out the truth I was so incredibly shocked that I had I have lived forty seven years without knowing this that it led me sort of down this path which led to the book, and so the reason that black sheep or not valued like the rest of the flock is because of black sheep's wool cannot be died. So in effect, every black sheep is on hundred percent authentically original and when I heard that I'm like that's that's my whole life goal is to just be the hundred percent authentic original that I was I was created to be and so when I when I sort of started to to think about it I said you know we actually all have the. Surf, five or six. Deeply held personal core values that have been developed over the course of our lives that outside of a catastrophic event in your life, they rarely change. They are like that black sheep's wool. They are the things that no matter how much someone wants to try to twist you change you. You simply will not be moved in and that sort of the premise of discovering your flock of five black sheep values.

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