A highlight from John McEnroe & Patty Smyth


The great thing about being with john mcenroe and patty smyth. There's no warm-up time needed you're in the middle of a conversation the minute you start. They're both champs. He's a tennis legend. She's a rock and roll chick and their personalities out as big as their careers. We kept it across town to their big family. Friendly apartment. On the upper west side of manhattan. And while we were setting up the mike's they were already going at it. You gotta stop wiggling because it's driving me crazy sound. You're making a chair. He can't seem to know that this is him barely moving. This is exactly. I'm used to standing up and running. It was fun to see them. Panter and petty sure is a match for him on the phil show. But here's a little cocky back in the day because is a possible. My said no would have sang on a fill. Get at it. You'd lucky for us. this time. They said yes. So we settled into their comfy living on just the four of us and their mischievous cat bobby are kicked off our conversation by asking them how they kept up such a busy pace. I would say was true for john. He likes to stay busy. But for good fifteen to twenty years i was working taking care of our six kids. That was my main job in an giang taking your john is. I traveled with him because he didn't like to be alone for long stretches of time so they brought the kids. Sometimes i didn't and i put out a greatest hits record. I wrote songs. I mean i did some. And then i actually i guess for the last eight. That's true. I guess for the eight or nine years. I've been touring more. Like in the summers but i was mainly you know the the stability home for the she was never with me during my main career. She's been with. After i stopped would've had a heart attack. There's a transitional period where sort of not sure about. What's going to happen and what you're going to do with the rest of your life And so it was very fortunate that i was able to find patty. And she sort of let me do my thing in essence which was basically as it turned out to sort of veer back towards tennis. You know. I i i was was having trouble coming to grips with what i was going to do in tennis. Because at the end of your career at least me you don't want any part of it and so it was like thirty five. And i was thirty seven and he was playing. These you know exhibitions south. I'm getting a lot of money for them. But i wasn't really preparing for preparing at all. He wasn't taking it seriously. But i said to if you're gonna play practice. And and when he did that he beat everybody after that then he was a number one on the seniors tour just taking it seriously. Taking pride in what you're doing at the top. I mean if you told me. I'd be a commentator and i was gonna play seniors tennis that would be sort of like shoot me now but also you were kind of just had that attitude. Like he hated the press he hated. It was all like the establishment. And that wasn't going to be him. I mean that was part of your thing. But lo and behold. He's like the greatest commentator that every came down the pike and also right at the end of my career was the end of my first marriage as it turned out so that next year was all sort of trying to figure out what the hell was going on and how this had happened and that feeling of failure you have about a marriage in in one in the kids to be okay because they were very young. Yeah when this happened so then. I mean you're taking it day by day at that stage so i actually was a lot of change so that was exactly why. The last thing that i wanted was to get remarried. The toughest thing about marriage is getting a divorce. Getting out of it took me a couple of years and it's just sorta horrific in a And then it feels like okay. I just want to go out with young girls who don't want anything basically. That's what i thought for a couple of years. We met the first time at a friend's christmas party. On christmas day was a setup but they were smart enough not to tell me about the setup or i wouldn't have come because i really wasn't ready to be too and it would be embarrassing but he walked in. I always like to tell us where he walked in with like a kid in each arm and one wrapped around his leg so it was pretty funny. You could barely walk for the weight of your kids. Six five and to come on how you. How can you resist that. So you like to have babies in your arms on. Everybody walked into room. He'd say gimme her and he'd he'd want i mean it. Was john a little bit shy. So i think having a baby made you feel like it's a wonderful thing that little kids in your arms. I mean there's probably it's almost nothing can top that feeling so i'm not. I'm not going to say that it was was not my move or i mean it just seemed like this. You end the three. It seems like a natural thing to do. Hopefully i mean when you're just there and you're not i mean you're by just with them you're with a maybe a fair amount of people may not know including the person who was sorta semi i guess. Set up to me. She was avoiding well. No i sat and talked to him for a while. And then i liked him and then i got nervous and then i avoided him. Did you like her right away to thought that we should think seriously about going out. Which is why i said. Hey i'm gonna be here for the week we should get together I'm free. I'll fight about this. Don't even let us. Don't make us tell the story not make us because he he's rewritten. Its and it's all gonna remember okay. I'm not doing anything for new year's eve. I'm not doing anything for saying. Hey wouldn't it be dominant you. We both grew up thirteen fifteen minutes away. From each other in queens. Yeah you go around the world and you wind up with a guy from queens. Which is what. I think is awesome but i think the thing that happened for us. I mean i would speak for john somehow. He saw something about us together. And i felt very safe and really really like i said this weird familiar thing i was in. La were the it's like. I always said like la. Like the viet cong number. You couldn't identify the enemy doesn't like because everybody's full of

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