How capitalism profits from an epidemic of loneliness

The Big Story


This is the big story ryan. Bethune is a freelance journalist. Who dug into the loneliness epidemic for mclean. Hey brian was jordan. Why don't we start. Because i know we're going to probably talk about the pandemic In a few minutes. But why don't we start before the pandemic ever happened. Loneliness has been on the rise for quite some time. Yes right you can start at about eighteen hundred if he wanted. According some cultural historians it's connected to increasing individualism. Both sides of this is We live alone a lot because the world forces us to but also because We want out of our families away from since arias neighbors. We try to walk down the middle. Can we quantify In any way over the past few decades may be just recently. how it's been rising. Yes you can because people have been trying to track it since Since the eighties. And you'll find Answers to Social sciences surveys where people keep giving a fewer number a smaller number of people they can rely on and trust It's down to pretty much wide now as a lot of it is marriage. I my spouse. That's it and when that breaks up or if there is a doesn't exist at all there's more loneliness There's an anka's read survey and canada. V perhaps two years ago can't quite remember now in which you get large number of people who would be say there were lonely and isolated it and substantial numbers would say they're isolated but not lonely lonely but not isolate it. Those are the ones that really stick in your mind who are surrounded by people but yet feel apart. Those numbers have been increasing too. I was

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